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Water Studies Academic Programs

The OWOW Center offers three academic programs: Water Studies Minor, Water Studies Certificate, and a Water Studies Online Certificate. Here is a quick guide to the differences between the three programs. Please visit their individual pages found in the left side menu for more information. 

  Minor Certificate Online Certificate
Credits 18 15 Not for academic credit
Internship and/or Capstone Project Yes No Yes
Must be Degree Seeking Student Yes No No
Available to Post-bac Student No No Yes
Interdisciplinary Yes Yes Yes
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Available Water Studies Core Courses, Summer 2021


GEG 1910 Global Water Concerns
T/TH: 9:40-12:10
Instructor: Clark
CRN 40447

Available Water Studies Core Courses, Fall 2021

GEG 1910 Global Water Concerns
Instructor: Katz
CRN 34665

GEG 1910 Global Water Concerns
T/TH: 2:00-3:15
Instructor: Clark
CRN 33383

GEG 1910 Global Water Concerns
M/W: 8:00-9:15
Instructor: TBA
CRN 33407

GEG 1910 Global Water Concerns
Instructor: TBA
CRN 34664

ENV 3400 Water Resources
T/TH: 12:30-:45
Instructor: Brazeau
CRN 31195

ENV 3400 Water Resources
M/W: 3:30-4:45
Instructor: Bellinger
CRN 35115

ENV 4200 Environmental Policy and Planning
Instructor: Brazeau
CRN 30441

ENV 4410 Water Law
M/W: 2:00-3:15
Instructor: Bellinger
CRN 35120

Examples of Approved Electives
*This is just a small list of examples. Approved electives include but are not limited to this list.

BIO 1000 Human Biology for Non-Majors 

  • BIO 1030 General Biology for Non-Majors
    BIO 1080 General Biology I
    BIO 1081 General Biology II
    CAS 1710 Interpersonal Communication
    CAS 2730 Communication and Conflict
  • COM 490A Environmental Communication
    CHE 1010 Chemistry and Society
    CHE 1100 Principles of Chemistry
    CHE 1800 General Chemistry
    CHS 490C Acequias: Water, Land, and Community
    CET 3320 Environmental Impact Statements
    CET 3330 Environmental Technology Process
    COM 3670 Writing for Environmental Industry
    ENV 1200 Intro to Environmental Science
    ENV 2100 Basic Water Sampling/Analysis
    ENV 1540 Geological/Environmental Hazards: Denver & Vicinity
    ENV 4000 Environmental Geology
    ENV 4430 Habitat Planning
    ENV 4450 Stream Ecology
    ENV 492A Topics in ENV: Snow Hydrology
    ENV 4960 Global Environmental Challenge
    GIS 2250 Intro to Geographic Information Systems
    GEG 2020 Geography of Colorado
    GEG 3300 Land Use, Culture, and Conflict
    GEG 3610 Principle of Land Use Planning
    GEL 1020 Geology of Colorado
    GEL 1150 Physical Oceanography
    GEL 3420 Soil Resources
    HTE 3030 Sustainable Tourism
    JRN 3570 Covering the Environment
    JRN 4890 Social Documentary
    MET 1000 Intro to Mechanical Engineering Technology
    MTR 1300 Colorado Weather Extremes
    MTR 1400 Weather and Climate
    MTR 1600 Global Climate Change
    MTR 2020 Weather and Climate Lab
    NAS 1000 Intro to Native American Studies
    NAS 3200 Native American Politics
    PSC 3230 Environmental Politics
    PSY 1001 Introductory Psychology
    RECR 1870 Intro to Recreation & Park Services
    SOC 1010 Intro to Sociology

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