Bust of Gold MeirThe duplex at 1606/08 Julian Street houses both the Golda Meir Center for Political Leadership, operated by the Political Science Department, and the Golda Meir House Museum.

The center, with the full support of the Meir family, is a nonpartisan educational project whose purpose is to expand public understanding of the important role that

leadership plays at all levels of political and civic life, from community affairs to transnational relations. The center promotes the significance of leadership through conferences, an academic course of study and guest speakers.

Over the years, the center has hosted more than 100 experts in world affairs, diversity, the arts, domestic issues and more.

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To mark the 1998 centennial of Meir’s birth, the center inaugurated the Golda Meir Leadership Award. In recognition of Meir’s husband Morris, whom she met while living in Denver, the award recognizes leadership in the arts in addition to public affairs.

The first recipient was director Steven Spielberg. Since then, a range of notable leaders and artists have received the award, among them former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton; trumpeter and Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Wynton Marsalis; member of the Little Rock Nine and recipient of the Congressional Gold Medal Carlotta Walls LaNier; Sen. John McCain; and U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonja Sotomayer.