Accounting alumnus Irv Bisnov says MSU Denver put him on the path to success.

Irv BisnovAsk Irv Bisnov why he’d recommend MSU Denver to students today and he’ll turn the question around on you before you know it. “The more germane question is, ‘Why not Metro?’”

Why not indeed. Bisnov says the school changed his life.

His adult life began right out of high school, when he attended the University of Arizona and worked part time in a women’s clothing store doing inventory, packing and shipping.

When a local CPA firm audited the business, Bisnov’s powers of observation kicked in.

“I noticed that the staff from the firm wasn’t much older than I was, they dressed much better and made a lot more money than I did,” he said. “I thought I could easily do that. My future mother-in-law said at the time I should study accounting and that made a lot more sense to me than just taking general studies.”

Not long afterwards, Bisnov moved with his wife to Denver and enrolled at MSU Denver.

“I was on a mission to succeed. I was young, newly married and had a lot to prove to myself and my family,” he said. “And Metro did everything for me. I was completely overwhelmed and inspired by Dr. Patricia Duckworth and Dr. Russell Bean who initially met with me to discuss accounting.”

Bisnov says they “took a keen interest in me, listened to a young 20-year-old discuss dreams and they pointed me in the right direction, which allowed me to fulfill those dreams.”

He says it wasn’t the name of the University –

“It was the understanding and knowledge of the course material, effectiveness of the teaching and the inspiration from faculty that allowed me to excel in my career and provide for my family.”

Bisnov recalls spending many hours in the library. “I had my own special place on the second level and somewhat of a reserved table.”

The hard work and late hours paid off. Consulting giant Deloitte & Touche LLP handpicked him right off the campus in 1986. Today, he’s the national audit leader for banking at the prestigious firm.

Robert Crawford, a partner at Deloitte & Touche, called Bisnov “a true leader” at the firm and in the accounting profession. “He brings expertise and dedication while serving some of the most prominent banking and securities organizations in the world.”

Bisnov is quick to credit MSU Denver for much of his success.

“I would absolutely recommend Metro to any student today because it is a place where dreams are made. And then you are taught how to achieve them.”