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COVID-19 Closure
In order to ensure the safety of participants in light of the COVID-19 virus, we will be moving the College Works summer program to an interactive, online experience.



College Works provides recent high school graduates planning to attend MSU Denver the opportunity to get a jump-start on their college journey the summer before their freshman year.  As a bonus, students are paid for their participation!



College Works will enable you to start school with the ability to navigate college and find resources, a peer mentor, and a team of people there to support you.

If you participate, you will:


  • Be paired with a peer mentor to answer questions and help guide you over the summer and your entire time at MSU Denver.
  • Engage in weekly Knowledge is Power sessions where you will learn how to navigate MSU, gain tools for student success, meet other students and staff, and enhance career and job skills.
  • Be part of a University Life class designed to introduce you to college academics, provide resources for success, explore class structure, and meet new people. We will even cover tuition and fees for this class!
  • Get together each week with your peer mentor and other students to talk about college, the University Life class, and learn what it’s like to be a student at MSU Denver.
  • Be paid for your participation!


 It’s your future- start it now!



The College Works summer program will start June 14, 2021 and wrap up August 6, 2021.  Support will continue after the summer and throughout your time at MSU Denver. 

To take advantage of this amazing opportunity please complete the application by clicking on the Apply Now button.  We will contact select candidates for a follow-up phone interview.  Space is limited, so apply today!

Qualifications to participate and program details are slightly different for Denver residents and folks outside Denver- see details below.

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Participation Requirements

 Please review your eligibility for the program by the county you live in below:


If you are chosen for College Works and fully participate in the workshops, team activities, and complete the University Life class, you will be paid $1,000 at the end of the summer!  

You will be paid by the Denver Summer Youth Employment Program, so must meet their qualifications:

  • Age: 16 -24
  • Meet one income requirement such as:
    • Attended a Title 1 School (follow link for a list of Title 1 Schools)
    • Receive SNAP, TANF, or free or reduced lunch

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Students who qualify to participate outside of Denver will have some additional opportunities:

  • You will enroll in a 3-credit COMM 1010 Presentational Speaking class. This will be an on-campus, in person class and is required for every major at MSU Denver.  We will pay your tuition and fees- a $1,200 value!
  • You will be paid $10.00/ hr. for time spent attending workshops and meeting with your peer mentor as well as the time spent in your classes and doing homework.
  • You can be connected to a job with one of the departments at MSU Denver. Work will most likely be remote, not on campus.  Pay for work will be $14.00/hr. 

You will be paid through an Adams County workforce program, so must meet their qualifications to participate:

  • Ages 16-24
  • Experience one or more of the following challenges:
    • Eligible for SNAP, TANF, or free or reduced lunch
    • Homeless or housing-insecure
    • Be a person with a disability (physical, mental, and learning)
    • Be parenting or pregnant
    • Be a foster youth or former foster youth
    • Have been involved in the criminal justice system as an offender (including a misdemeanor, felony, probation, parole, etc...)
    • Be enrolled in an English Language Learner (ELL) program

To verify or ask questions about eligibility please contact Brett Schager at or 720.523.6964.

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If you have any questions about the program, please contact Scott Bergman at



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