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Families & Support

Support from families plays a critical role in the success of college students. Educating yourself more about your student's transition and how best to support them can help with the transition to MSU Denver.

We hope to share resources and answers that will help guide you as you support your student.

Learn more about:

  • attending orientation with your student

  • advice from other family member's supporting their students

  • the Family Education Right to Privacy Act and what that means for you and your student

  • resources both on campus and beyond that can assist you


Attending Orientation with your Student

Family members can attend any student orientation with their student. Any support (family members including siblings, friends, significant others, mentors, counselors, etc.) who want to attend The SOAR Experience Programs with their students in the summer, will be charged $15 per person attending. All other orientation sessions are free for family members.

How do I register to attend an orientation?

As a student registers for an orientation session, they will have the option to add a guest to their registration. However, guests are always welcome and will be accommodated even if they are not formally registered for an orientation session.

Who typically attends as family members at orientation?

Mostly parents or guardians for students. However, partners, friends, children, and other support members have attended and are welcome!

Do I have to attend orientation with my student?

Orientation is not required for family members. We suggest talking over your attendance with your student and making a decision together on whether you will attend.

Does it cost anything to attend orientation?

Depends on the type of orientation session. The SOAR Experience does cost $15 per family or support member including, but not limited to, all family members (parents, grandparents, siblings, extended family), significant others, friends, counselors, mentors, and anyone else wanting to attend The SOAR Experience with a student.

All other orientation sessions are free to any and all support and family members.

How do I find dates for orientation?

Orientation dates can be found within the student registration process. The registration database is set up to know your student's information and show dates for the specific type of orientation that will help them be successful in their transition to MSU Denver.

What will I learn from orientation?

Attending orientation, you will hear the same academic, financial, and campus involvement presentations as your student. This can be helpful to your student in remembering all of the information and additional steps to enrolling at MSU Denver.

Will I sit with my student during orientation?

We intentionally separate families or guests that attend orientation with incoming MSU Denver students. We do this because we believe that it is important to communicate to students their responsibility to learning and understanding the steps to MSU Denver's enrollment process.

Do you offer accommodations if we are coming to orientation from out of town?

If you are traveling from out of town to attend orientation, please visit our hotel partners here.

If I have further questions about orientation, who do I contact?

Please contact the New Student Orientation Office at 303-556-6931.


Para preguntas en espaƱol, llame al 303-352-7208.


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