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Assistant Professor


James D. Reid was recently awarded a Translation Grant in the amount of $158,102 from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH).  Dr. Reid’s NEH award will enable him to complete an English translation of Heidegger’s Die Frage nach dem Ding (The Question Concerning the Thing). As one of the reviewers of Dr. Reid’s grant proposal observes, “Heidegger’s importance to the humanities is well-known: his reflections on being and being in the world, what it means to be human, death, care, and time have influenced scholars and non-scholars, here and abroad, over the past seventy years. The completion of this translation should impact a variety of disciplines, e.g. philosophy, religious studies, history, and literary theory.”

Dr. Reid holds a doctorate in philosophy from the University of Chicago, and is currently associate professor of philosophy at the Metropolitan State University of Denver. He has taught ethics and the history of philosophy, with special emphasis on Greek and German intellectual traditions, at Chicago, the Colorado College, the College of William and Mary, and the United States Air Force Academy. His research is interdisciplinary, drawing from philosophical, scientific, and literary sources, and is devoted to problems in the theory of meaning, value, and significance, and finding appropriate ways of talking, more richly and compellingly, about the importance of what we care about.  Dr. Reid has published on the philosophical legacies of Kant and his successors and is currently finishing a monograph on the ethical import of Martin Heidegger's philosophy. He is a contributor to Cambridge University Press's forthcoming, multi-volume Heidegger Lexicon, edited by Mark Wrathall. His book Being Here Is Glorious: On Rilke, Poetry, and Philosophy, which includes a fresh translation of the Duino Elegies, was published recently by Northwestern University Press (September 2015). 

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