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Online Services through the Center for Equity and Student Achievement (CESA) Programs

MSU Denver is proud of our reputation for supporting historically underserved populations and perpetually strives to create a supportive and inclusive campus. Get involved through these programs.

CMEI provides ways to connect online to help students explore their heritage while in school through mentorships, student organizations, and pathways to school leadership.

Through in-person and virtual conferencing sessions, Immigrant Services supports undocumented, DACA, immigrant, and refugee students both academically and socially.

TRIO provides individualized support to create an inclusive atmosphere at MSU Denver both academically and socially through various online workshops and peer-to-peer mentoring. 


The LGBTQ Student Resource Center provides an inclusive environment for all genders and sexualities through social media accounts, including resources for those experiencing issues involving their sexuality.

Veteran and Military Student Services provides online academic and social support to active and discharged military members at MSU Denver.

CAMP is a scholarship program that provides migrant/seasonal farmworkers and their children academic, financial and social support over the phone or through virtual sessions.

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