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Online, Modernized

At MSU Denver, we built a new model for online learning.

First, our faculty. They are experts, immersed in the foundations and complexities of their disciplines. However, unlike many institutions where a focus on research removes faculty from the daily work of teaching, our instructors devote themselves to you and the classroom. Learning comes first.

Next, our courses. They put you, your classmates, and your instructor in the center of an engaging, applied experience - no lifeless, lonely slogs through material here. Get ready to jump in, because your learning will apply to your life and work after school.

Of course, best practices. We are a member of the largest online quality assurance organization in the world - we deliver on the promise that our courses and programs will meet the highest standards.

Last, you. Well, not just you - you and your classmates. While your instructors are deeply-knowledgeable, your classmates also bring with them a multiplicity of experiences and backgrounds, and they are going to be your network after graduation. We facilitate student-to-student interaction, shared learning, and lasting relationships. MSU Denver is a community, and you are an integral part of that community for life.


Online and Hybrid Courses

When you register for an online course, you will not be required to visit campus, ever. Hybrid courses blend regularly scheduled, face-to-face classroom meetings with significant online coursework and interaction. In both online and hybrid courses, there may be requirements to take proctored exams in your local area, visit a local library, or conduct field work.

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