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LinkedIn Learning Features

Key Features

LinkedIn Learning lets you learn at your own pace. You can select courses relevant to your current role in areas like Business, Technology and Marketing. You can also pursue other passions! With courses on financial literacy, social media, even drawing and music theory, you’ll be able to grow and develop in the areas you care about both at and outside work and school.

LinkedIn Learning delivers a unique mix of:

World-class content: 9,000+ digital courses taught by industry experts. Available in English, Spanish, German and French. 

Data-Driven curation: Relevant courses recomendations specific to each user in any phase of life, students, professional or just because. 

Convenience: In-depth and bite sized courses that can be viewed anytime, on any device, online or off. 


Additional Benefits of LinkedIn Learning
  • Learn from any desktop or mobile device
  • 30 new courses added weekly, on avreage
  • Available bite-size tutorials for just-in-time learning
  • Downloadable exercise files that reinforce retention
  • Assessments to measure learning impact
  • Certificates of completion, which can be added to a LinkedIn profile
  • Cusomize and recomend Learning Paths that map courses to roles or competencies
  • For MSU Denver community a dedicated customer success manager helps with goal setting, user adoption and more. 

Learning Content


Leadership Management

Professional Development


Online Marketing

Microsoft Office

Project Management



Data Science

Information Management

IT Infrastructure

Software Development

Web Design and Development




Creative Software



3D and Animation


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