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Instructional Technology Certificates

Lead Online Learning Initiatives

Our Instructional Technology Certificates will give you the instructional design and educational technology skills to meet the ever increasing needs of online learning and distance education. With current events changing the way learning occurs, the need for highly-trained professionals with credentials in course design, multimedia learning materials, and instructional design theories continues to expand.

Fully Online Instructional Technology Certificates

  • Undergraduate - for learners without a bachelor's degree
  • Post-baccalaureate - for learners who hold a bachelor's degree

Careers Related to Online Learning

Our Instructional Technology Certificates will improve your understanding of the fields of education, cognitive science, instructional design, information technology and social media management. MSU Denver delivers a concentrated, intense, and convenient online learning experience that will help prepare you for work as an instructional designer, training and development lead, multimedia designer and a host of other careers related to online learning.

Affordable and Flexible

Fully online programs and one of the lowest tuition rates in Colorado.

Undergrad $5,469*

Post-bac $6,464**

*Assumes credits per semester based on the schedule shown below, per Fall 2020 tuition and fee table, in-state tuition with COF. OER Program = $0 books
**Assumes credits per semester based on the schedule shown below,per Fall 2020 tuition and fee table, in-state tuition with COF. OER Program = $0 books

Estimates for In-State Tuition

There are a lot of student-related factors that go into determining costs. Please contact Allie Dirks at 303-605-5439 or with questions about your specific situation. The estimates shown below are for students who are eligible for both in-state tuition and the College Opportunity Fund.

Shown Estimates are based on the following:

1. Course Calendar

Even if you have the time to be in school full time right now, this certificate program does not offer a full time schedule of courses. We do make courses available so that you can complete the undergraduate program in 1.5 to 2 years, and the post-baccalaureate program in 2 years. 

2. College Opportunity Fund Availability

You may or may not have access to these funds, which substantially reduce your tuition. As an undergraduate student, you qualify for these funds for up to 145 credit hours. If you've already taken 145 credit hours worth of undergraduate courses, you can appeal for up to an additional year of funding. Please contact Allie Dirks at 303-605-5439 or with questions about your eligibility for COF.

Important Tips for Applying to this Program

Some sections of the application can be confusing. Please take a look at these tips for three drop-down items you must select in order to find and apply to either the Undergraduate or Post-Baccalaureate Instructional Technology Certificate.


1. Application Type


Screenshot step one - select Bachelors Undergraduate


2. Program Type


Screenshot step 2 - select *Online* Undergraduate Certificate, not Undergraduate Certificate


3. Area of Study

Screen shot step 3 - select either the Certificate or Post-Bac Certificate from the drop down

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