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Ombuds Feedback Survey

If you have not taken the “Ombuds Feedback Survey”, please contact the University Ombuds Officer for the password.  The password is changed often so please do complete the survey as soon as possible after obtaining the password.

The survey should take no more than five minutes to complete.  Please note that on the demographic information, if you are faculty, you must answer the staff question as “non-applicable” before you can move to the next page.  The same is true for staff, you must check off the faculty response of “non-applicable” before you can move to the next page.

Your e-mail address is not retained in order to insure the highest level of confidentiality of our visitors who choose to take this survey.

Thank you for taking your time to complete this survey.  Please be assured that your responses and comments will be taken seriously in efforts to improve our services to our constituency.

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