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What should I expect visiting the Ombuds Office

You are welcomed and encouraged to come in and talk with the Ombuds in confidence about concerns related to MSU Denver, no matter how small or large the issues.  We will brainstorm together seeking potential good options for you but in the end, you decide how to proceed, or not proceed at all if that is your choice.People sitting on a bench outside

  • You contact the Ombuds Office.
  • We talk with you or set an appointment.
  • We listen and ask clarifying questions to get the story.
  • We may gather information informally to better understand your situation.
  • We clarify and discuss policies and procedures of the University.
  • Together, we identify, evaluate and explore suitable option(s). Examples are;
    • Referrals into other processes
    • Conflict Coaching to assist you in addressing the issues directly
    • Interventions, faciltations
  • You decide what option(s) will be best for you, if any.
  • We may coach, role-play, reality check to improve your approach and communication skills.
  • At your request, and if it is appropriate, the Ombuds may intervene to “assist” in resolving the issues.
  • The parties reach a mutually acceptable, resolution or make a decision to unitize another option to address their conflict. 

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