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What we do and do not do

What we do:

 What we do not do:

  • Offers a safe and welcoming environment to discuss any issue
  • Operates with fierce integrity
  • Actively listens to its visitors’ concerns
  • Allows the visitors and others to be heard
  • Encourages self-determination
  • Engages in informal fact-finding
  • Assists the visitors and others to identify and evaluate appropriate options
  • Explains and clarifies organizational policies, procedures, rules, and processes
  • Engages in conflict coaching and role-playing to enable a party to engage conflict appropriately
  • Reality checks
  • Promotes open and honest communications
  • Supports the University in its mission
  • May engage in shuttle diplomacy or other facilitatice-like processes to establish communications between parties
  • Tracks trends
  • Advocates for fairness and equity
  • Suggests policy changes to improve University services
  • Assists in building and re-building bridges and relationships
  • Acts as the University expert in conflict resolution
  • Offers classes relating to conflict diagnostics, engagement and resolution to its University constituents
  • Take sides or act as an advocate for the University or any individual
  • Judge
  • Make decisions on behalf of others
  • Take any action without the express permission of the visitor or other party working with the UOO
  • Change organizational policies
  • Serve on any decision-making committee
  • Be a part of any formal process within, or outside of the University
  • Offer psychological counseling
  • Offer legal advice or legally evaluate a set of facts
  • Keep records for the University
  • Receive legal notice on behalf of the University
  • Take part in any formal process
  • Order anyone to take, or refrain from taking, any action
  • Replace or supplant any formal process of the University
  • Act as a witness, or testify in any formal process inside or outside of the University 

The Office supplements, and does not replace any other existing resources for conflict resolution within, or available to the University.

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