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ECC Recruitment Council

Supporting the ECC Framework through new student enrollment and focused recruitment efforts.


The charge of the Recruitment Council is to focus and strengthen new student recruitment. MSU Denver staff and faculty are constantly evaluating enrollment trends, reviewing institutional data to develop short-term and long-term plans to amplify new student recruitment. The council is represented by individuals across campus who have identified the University's greatest recruitment needs and implemented tactics to address them.

Through extensive market research and identifying institutional priorities, the council and subcommittes have developed strategies and immediate action items to directly impact new student enrollment in the upcoming years.  



  • Market Segmentation
    • Improve transfer pipeline
    • Enhance recruitment for first year, first time students
    • Strengthen re-admit campaigns
  • Increase Collaboration of Recruitment Efforts Across Campus
    • Trainings on recruitment outreach and tactics
    • Spotlight days with academic departments for interested students
  • Process Improvement/Communications
    • Continue Slate integration with multiple systems
    • Build on virtual and social media platforms
    • Enhance yield campaigns
    • Increase communication to parents and families of prospective students
  • Options for Today's Learners
    • Continue building online learning opportunities
    • Degree completion programs



Vaughn Toland – Executive Director of Admissions and Outreach
Daniel Lair – Chair of Department of Communication Studies


Michael Nguyen – Director of Enrollment Management System and Operations
Morgan Raleigh – Director of Recruitment
Marlynn Rocha-Vasquez – Director of Internal Operations
Thomas Hernandez – Associate Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships 
Rebecca Gorman – Faculty
Michael McCabe – Tuition and Fee Appeal and Perkins Loan Manager
Cory Phare – Staff Writer Marketing and Communications
Bridgette Coble – Director of Career Services
Bill Herman – Associate Director, College of Business 
Nahum Kisner – Director of Student Support and Retention
Brandi Rideout – Director of Alumni Relations
John Babcock – Associate Director of Orientation, Transition, and Retention
Matthew Kring - Associate Director, Student Support and Retention
Mark Baccei – Enrollment Management Research Analyst
Kailey Schwallie - Academic Advisor, Retention, and Outreach Specialist

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