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ECC Data Team

The Enrollment Command Center Data Team helps support the ECC framework by using environment scanning, enrollment models, and student enrollment behavior research  to guide retention and recruitment efforts. The following projects have been defined as priorities for the team to enhance the strategic efforts of the ECC.

Data Projects:

  • National and state higher education enrollment trends​
  • Admissions Retention Analysis​
  • Undeclared Analysis​
  • Retention Analysis​
  • Student Matriculation Analysis​
  • 5 Year Enrollment Forecast Model (Pre-COVID) ​
  • Spring 2020 Grade Analysis​
  • SEM Data Series


ECC Data Team Members

Michael Nguyen – Director of Enrollment Management Systems and Operations
Mark Baccei – Enrollment Management Analyst
Sean Petranovich – Senior Business Intelligence Analyst
Michelle Leboo – Associate Director of Financial Aid – Reporting and Communications
Adrienne Perucca – Associate Director Admissions Systems & Data
Daniel Lefe – Data and Operations Analyst
Jose Escarcega – Assistant Director of Admissions CRM & Data
Hope Szypulski – Interim Associate Dean of College of Professional Studies
Marlynn Rocha-Vasquez - Director, Internal Operations for Admissions
Sean Murphy - Senior Associate Registrar of Systems & Curriculum
Kelsey Smith - Business Intelligence Analyst
Angelica Moreno - Assesment and Evaluation Manager for Student Affairs
Gabriel Grinsteiner - Academic Advising Administrative Assistant

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