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Enrollment Command Center

A cross- functional hub to provide enrollment management command, coordination, and decision making to support recruitment and retention efforts across the institution

The Enrollment Command Center (ECC) was implemented in Spring of 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The ECC serves as an advisory committee to discuss enrollment strategies and to make recommendations that contribute to student access, recruitment, persistence, and completion during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. This group will stay current on enrollment trends, data, and goals of the university to be as effective and intentional as possible, particularly during this unpredictable time.

The ECC will develop a holistic and integrated approach to enrollment management that supports college-wide collaboration, engagement, creative-thinking and consensus building. The ECC will serve as the cross-functional hub to address these challenges utilizing various perspectives, as enrollment management is a shared responsibility across the institution. Decision making will be supported and reinforced by the work in Recruitment Council, Retention Council, and the Data Team.


  • Increase engagement and strengthen collaboration in recruiting and retention strategies across the university. 
  • Revise and provide recommendations for student access, recruitment, persistence, and completion through diverse programs and services 
  • Support the HSI designation mission
  • Collaborate with university constituencies to develop, implement, and evaluate enrollment management goals and strategies that align while we are experiencing the pandemic. 
  • Share and disseminate enrollment information to recommend promising practices for enrollment 


Mary Sauceda, Assistant Vice President of Enrollment Management
Michael Nguyen, Director of Enrollment Management Systems and Operations

Vaughn Toland – Executive Director of Admissions and Outreach
Connie Sanders – Interim Registrar
Elizabeth Parmalee – Associate Vice President of Undergraduate Studies
Jacque Williams – Director of Client Services, Strategy, Marketing, and Communications 
Thad Spaulding – Executive Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships 
David Haden – Associate Dean, Student Engagement & Wellness 
Sarah Harman – Executive Director, Office of University Effectiveness and Director of CAVEA
Ann Murphy – Dean, College of Business
Jessica Retrum – Chair of Department of Social Work
Jason Janke – Associate Dean College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences
Nahum Kisner – Director of Student Support and Retention
Daniel Lair – Chair of Department of Communication Studies 
Whei Wong-Howerton – Associate Vice President for Marketing and Brand
Allie Dirks - Online Enrollment Initatives Manager
Matt Griswold - Associate Vice President of Online Learning
Thomas Ragland – Dean of Students Office
Justine Espinosa - Assistant to the Associate VP of Enrollment Management
Mark Baccei – Enrollment Management Research Analyst



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