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MSU Denver Mexico Dietetics Study Abroad Program

Nutrition and Food of Mexico – Spanish with a Nutrition Emphasis

Study Abroad Program

Oaxaca, México

July 4, 2015 to August 1, 2015

Oaxaca, Mexico Flyer

In the United States there is an enormous need for Spanish speaking dietitians. Many of the clients dietitians work with, especially in public health programs, are monolingual Spanish yet dietitians are primarily non-Spanish speaking.  The purpose of this program is to teach dietetic students Spanish with a nutrition emphasis.  Instead of talking in classes about what time the train will leave, students will concentrate on talking about foods, eating, nutrition related conditions, anatomy, and maternal and child vocabulary. Students will also learn about food related customs and beliefs that affect nutrition of Mexican immigrants in the US. Cooking classes and field trips to places with nutritional significance are also included. All levels of Spanish language are welcome.

Students will take standard Spanish grammar classes each morning followed by conversation classes that will emphasize nutrition vocabulary. On some days lectures will be given in English on food customs and beliefs.  Field trips will occur in the afternoons and weekends. These will include:

  • Cooking classes
  • Restaurants with regional foods
  • A weekend trip to Puebla to learn about moles and other foods
  • Visit to a corn mill to discuss nixtamalization
  • Visits to public health nutrition programs
  • Visits to non-governmental nutrition programs
  • Students will also visit important historic sites such as Monte Alban and participate in activities such as La Guelaguetza Dance Festival

Students live and eat with carefully selected host families and attend classes at Universidad de Oaxaca Benito Júarez that provides classes for our students.

Oaxaca is a very beautiful and interesting city. It has amazing food, restaurants, architecture, museums and art.  It is a very friendly and safe city with many US residents living there.

The cost of the program is $4954 (a little less for current MSU Denver students since they do not pay matriculation fees). This price covers room and board, all field trips, tuition and fees, and classroom instruction. It does NOT cover airfare to Oaxaca which generally runs about $800 round trip from Denver.  Students will receive 3 MSU Denver credits for Spanish and 3 credits for Nutrition.  MSU Denver is an accredited Colorado state university and therefore most universities will accept transfer credits from the program.  Whether your university or program will accept the credits or allow the classes to meet certain requirements in your program is solely up to your school, however.

Payment information:

            $     300.00 Deposit due by April 15, 2015 – Check made out to “Metropolitan State University of Denver.”

            $   3345.00 Program Fee due by May 15, 2015 ($3645 - $300 deposit) – Check made out to “Metropolitan State University of Denver.”

            $   1309.00 (approximate) Tuition due through the normal University tuition payment system prior to the program start.

You are responsible for airfare to Oaxaca

To reserve a spot in the program you must complete an application and send a $300 non-refundable deposit before April 15th.    For final acceptance into the program a series of forms that are attached to links below must be completed.

Refund policy: The $300 deposit is non-refundable unless the student is not accepted into the program or the program is cancelled.  A 50% refund of the program fee ($3645) will be given 21 to 30 days prior to July 4, after the 21 days no refund will be given. Tuition is refunded according to MSU Denver tuition policy. 

Syllabus and Schedule NUT 3310 Summer 2015

For more information or to submit your application and forms, contact:

                        Bruce Rengers, PhD, RD – Professor of Nutrition



You will need to complete the following documents as part of your application for the MSU Denver Nutrition and Food of Mexico Program: (There are a lot of forms.  Sorry. Some are redundant but we need to receive all forms. The application process is the hardest part, but we hope your experience in Oaxaca will make the process worthwhile.)

  1. MSU Denver Application Form
  2. MSU Denver Release of Liability
  3. Auraria Public Safety Emergency Notification Form
  4. Auraria Health Form   - Important: Please send this form in a SEALED envelope with your name and “Health Form” printed on the front. This is for your privacy. 
  5. MSU Denver Student Code of Conduct Form
  6. MSU Denver Study Abroad Participant Form
  7. $300 Deposit made out to “Metropolitan State University of Denver”
  8. Sol Conduct & Behavior Form
  9. Sol Medical Background Form
  10. Sol Class Pre-Registration
  11. SOL Consent of Release
  12. SOL Housing Questionnaire

Shortly after we receive your information, we will send you a letter of acceptance (your $300.00 will be returned if you are not accepted into the program or if the program is cancelled). Upon receiving the letter you will need to go to  and sign up to be a MSU Denver student for the summer term.  Transcripts from your current college are required.  


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