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Undergraduate Program Options in the Department of Nutrition

Focused on Developing Solid Foundational Knowledge in Nutrition

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Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition - Dietetics

  • Students who attain a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Human Nutrition – Dietetics will be prepared for traditional, non-traditional, and entrepreneurial positions in health care that utilize knowledge of food, nutrition and dietetics. 
  • One of the career options for a student majoring in Human Nutrition - Dietetics is to become a registered dietitian (RD). 

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Science

  • The Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Nutrition Science places a heavy emphasis on science courses and core nutrition curriculum that important for preparing students for graduate studies in nutrition, food science, or professional health programs (i.e. Physician Assistant, Medical Doctor).

Human Nutrition and Dietetics 3+2

  • The Human Nutrition and Dietetics 3+2 Program is designed to allow students to complete both a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in a 5 year timeframe.
  • This accelerated degree pathway allows students without a prior Bachelor's degree to more rapidly reach their goals of pursuing graduate studies and to move onto the next steps in their career which could include applying for Dietetic Internships (Master's degree required to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist starting January 1, 2024).

Nutrition Minor

  • The Nutrition Minor complements a variety of majors including Biology, Health Care Management, Hospitality, Tourism & Events, Human Performance and Sport, and Integrative Health Care.
  • A nutrition minor provides valuable information that can be applied to a student's lifelong health and well-being. 

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