Program Curriculum

Experiential learning is a focus in our curriculum. Throughout this program you will see growth in your content knowledge, leadership skills, and networking opportunities.

Undergraduate courses are typically offered in a 16-week block, however some undergraduate courses are offered in an 8-week block. Undergraduate courses can be delivered in various instructional methods such as: face-to-face, online and hybrid. Please see the Class Schedule for more information on how your courses will be offered.

Graduate courses are offered in 8-week blocks and delivered in hybrid format partnering the best of online education and face-to-face learning. Engaging in the classroom with peers and faculty members deepens the learning experience, broadens perspective, and will strengthen your professional network. The online content of the hybrid format enhances the convenience of the program, allowing us to meet your needs as a busy individual.

Degree Completion Options

Students enrolled in the Nutrition and Dietetics 3+2 Program can complete the degree as either a full-time or part-time student.

Students enrolled in the full-time option will:

  • complete all required courses within a five (5) year timeframe
  • enroll in approximately 12-15 credit hours per semester

Students enrolled in the part-time option:

  • must complete the 3+2 Program degree within eight (8) calendar years from their initial enrollment term

Nutrition and Dietetics 3+2 Advising Guide

Undergraduate Course Descriptions

Graduate Course Descriptions