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Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Dietetics

Where Experiential Learning and Advanced Education Meet

Curriculum and Degree Completion Information for Current Students

The following documents are sample course rotation plans for previous start dates in the MS in HND program. Please schedule an appointment with an advisor if you have any questions about your course schedule by calling 303-615-0990 or emailing

MS in HND Student Handbook

Current students should be familiar with the MS in HND Student Handbook.

MS in HND Student Funding Opportunities

Current students are eligible to apply for funding to present at conferences as well as small research grants to support their research projects.

MS in HND Book List

The following text book list for MS in HND courses is updated every semester. Please ensure you are purchasing books that align with the appropriate semester.

MS DPD Course Lists for DICAS Application

The following drop down section includes MS DPD Course List Forms needed for DICAS applications.

The following DPD Course List Forms are to be used for your DICAS application. The forms align with different start terms or catalog years.

MS DPD Course List Form 2019-2020

MS DPD Course List Form 2020-2021

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