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Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Dietetics

Where Experiential Learning and Advanced Education Meet

Career Opportunities

MSU Denver’s Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Dietetics program will prepare you for a wide variety of career opportunities, such as:  

  • Clinical nutrition manager
  • Food safety specialist
  • Regulatory affairs specialist
  • Public health department nutritionist
  • Community and public health nutritionist (i.e. food banks, WIC programs, school meal programs)
  • Food service manager (i.e. school or hospital food service management)
  • Nutrition researcher (i.e. academic, foundation, corporate- or government sponsored research)
  • Worksite wellness program manager (i.e. corporate wellness director)
  • Heath or wellness coach
  • Fitness center nutrition, health or wellness specialist (i.e. campus recreation wellness programmer)
  • Food product development scientist
  • Food industry positions (i.e. food labeling specialist, brand management, marketing and advertising, recipe testing)
  • Sports dietitian (i.e. collegiate or pro-level sports nutrition)
  • Grant writer
  • Postsecondary instructor
  • Food, health, or nutrition consultant
  • International or humanitarian nutritionist (i.e. global nutrition program development and implementation)
  • Nutrition educator
  • Government program dietitian or nutritionist
  • Nutrition/health journalism (i.e. writing website content, articles for magazines, newspapers)
  • Entrepreneurial jobs (i.e. starting a food or nutrition company or service)

To discuss these career opportunities with an advisor, please contact us at 303-615-0990.

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