MSU Denver

Program Curriculum

Curriculum in the Graduate Certificate in Nutrition Science focuses on providing advanced nutrition education tailored to current RDN’s, healthcare professionals, and individuals looking to grow personally or professionally through graduate level study.

Courses are offered in 8-week blocks and delivered in hybrid format. Hybrid format partners the best of online education and face-to-face learning. Engaging in the classroom with peers and faculty members will deepen your learning experience, broaden your perspective, and strengthen your professional network. Completing components of each course online will provide flexibility and allow us to meet your needs as a busy individual.

Graduate Certificate Coursework

The Graduate Certificate in Nutrition Science can be obtained through completing 12 credit hours of graduate level nutrition coursework at MSU Denver.

Required courses for the Graduate Certificate include (6 credit hours):

  • NUT 5010: Macronutrients in Health and Disease (3 credit hours)
  • NUT 5011: Vitamins, Minerals, and Bioactive Compounds in Health and Disease (3 credit hours)

Elective courses – select two of the following (6 credit hours required):

  • NUT 5020: Maternal and Child Nutrition (3 credit hours)
  • NUT 5030: Advanced Assessment and Intervention in Clinical Nutrition (3 credit hours)
  • NUT 5031: Advanced Clinical Practice Topics (3 credit hours; prerequisite – NUT 5030)
  • NUT 5050: Global and Cultural Topics in Nutrition (3 credit hours)

Coursework for the Graduate Certificate in Nutrition Science can be completed in as little as 8 months. All coursework must be completed within a 5 year timeframe.

Course Descriptions