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Alumni and Friends

Staying connected is possible!

The Department of Nutrition has an Alumni gathering each academic year. Key an eye out for upcoming events! Let us know what you have been up to by completing our alumni survey here.

BS in HND Alumni Update

Paaola Babb '15

Paola Babb is the Community Engagement and Child Nutrition Manager at Hunger Free Colorado, where she supports communities to increase access and participation in Child Nutrition Programs. Hunger Free Colorado, a statewide nonprofit organization founded in 2009, connects families and individuals to food resources and fuels change in systems, policies and social views, so no Coloradan goes hungry. Paola was a DREAMer and has experience convening the voices of those most impacted and with lived experience. She worked for WIC for several years, and most recently managed the Food Pantry at Growing Home a non-profit in Westminster. 


BS in HND Alumni Update

Jonathan Padia MS, RDN '13

Jonathan Padia is a Professional Research Associate with the University of Colorado. He found this career option during a two-week rotation in his Dietetic Internship. Jonathan's advice for someone who is thinking about becoming an RDN is to network as much as possible! The local organizations of Denver Dietetic Association (DDA) and Colorado Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (CAND) are a great place to start. These organization offer conferences and networking opportunites for students. 

"My experience at MSU Denver allowed me to learn about many types of careers in the dietetics field. From the first time that I heard from an RDN that worked for Cherry Creek School District, I knew that school nutrition was where I needed to be. I realized while sitting in the classes that although clinical RDN's are so important and needed, I wanted to help people at a young age. Hopefully helping to reduce chronic diseases before they were adults and ended up in the hospital. The faculty showed so much enthusiasm for the profession and really made me want to learn more!"

Tara Gonzales, RDN, SNS '16

BS in HND Alumni Testimonial

"I feel the nutrition classes I had at MSU Denver were very complete, and definitely helped me prepare for the Dietetic Internship. The instructors were very encouraging and offered volunteer opportunities, which helped prepare me for the professional world." | "Siento que las clases de nutrición que tuve en MSU Denver fueron muy completas y definitivamente me ayudaron a prepararme para la pasantía (internship) dietética. Los instructores siempre fueron muy alentadores y ofrecieron oportunidades de voluntariado, lo que me ayudó a prepararme para el mundo profesional."

Ana Sofia Abbud, RDN '16

BS in HND Alumni Testimonial

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