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Choosing the next president … of MSU Denver

Board of Trustees Chair Michelle Lucero announces presidential search committee members.

September 16, 2016

Board Chair Michelle Lucero released the names of those selected to serve on the presidential search committee today.

The 16-member committee is comprised of representatives from the Board of Trustees, Foundation Board, faculty, staff, alumni, the community as well as a student, and will be chaired by former Board of Trustee Rob Cohen.

Members include:  

  • Rob Cohen – Chair
  • Barb Grogan – Trustee
  • Jack Pogge – Trustee
  • Marilee Utter – Foundation
  • Marti Awad – Foundation
  • Jon Robinson  –  Alumni and Foundation
  • Roy Alexander – Alumni and community leader
  • Gloria Schoch – Community leader
  • Nate Easley – Community leader
  • Rep. Crisanta Duran – Community leader
  • Braelin Pantel – Staff/Administrator
  • Sandra Haynes  – Dean
  • Shawn Worthy – Faculty
  • Matthew Makley – Faculty
  • Cristian Solano – Student
  • Michelle Lucero – Ex Officio member

The committee will meet with AGB Search next Tuesday to discuss the qualities and characteristics the next president should possess.

Faculty and staff members are encouraged to provide feedback to the members of the committee during this process.


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