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Sticker shock

Alumnus Jesse Michaels sets the world record for the largest sticker ball.

January 26, 2016

Alumnus Jesse Michaels poses with "Saul," the world
Alumnus Jesse Michaels poses with "Saul," the world's largest sticker ball. PHOTO: Sara Hertwig

Alumnus Jesse Michaels (B.S. marketing ’10) likes to dream big. Like, world record big.

Michaels, the marketing director of the sticker and product label company, StickerGiant in Longmont, Colorado, is the brain child of the company’s recent marketing campaign, which entailed setting a world record for the largest sticker ball.

“Some of our employees at StickerGiant were initially skeptical about the idea,” said Michaels. “But once things started moving, our staff was having so much fun that it didn’t take long to get everyone on board with the idea, including our clients.”

Michaels researched and established a national sticker day in honor of Ray Stanton Avery, who created the first commercially available self-adhesive label in 1935. Then he contacted the Guinness Book of World Records to determine what was needed to break a world record, which had been registered previously but no attempt had been recorded.

The resulting sticker ball, affectionately named Saul, toured Denver early this month with stops at the State Capitol, the 16th Street Mall and Union Station. Michaels even brought the sticker ball to MSU Denver so students could participate in this world record attempt, which drew the attention of Denver7 – ABC News.

At the final count on Jan. 13, the world record was broken: The sticker ball weighed in at 231.6 pounds and contained 171,466 stickers. Recognition of the attempt appeared in USA Today, The Denver Post and the Longmont Times-Call. Even NBC’s "Late Night with Seth Meyers" joined in the fun.

As result of the campaign, StickerGiant has experienced a 50 percent increase in its online traffic and qualified business leads have grown by 10 to 15 new orders per week compared to this time last year, Michaels said.

“He is an energetic and creative individual who doesn’t let challenges slow him down,” said Bridgett Coble, MSU Denver’s director of Career Services, who supervised Michaels as a student employee. “For someone like Jesse, the world truly is his oyster, or in this case, a sticker ball.”

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