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Aksum University officials visit MSU Denver to renew MOU

Future study abroad opportunities may result from the renewed partnership.

July 3, 2014

Last week, the University hosted officials from Aksum University for the first time in the history of MSU Denver’s partnership with the Ethiopian institution. The primary purpose of the visit by Aksum University’s President Mebrahtom Mesfin and College of Health Sciences Dean Tewodros Haile was to renew the 2009 memorandum of understanding (MOU) with MSU Denver. The pair spent several days touring the campus, meeting with senior leadership and learning more about MSU Denver and its academics.

“The visit offered an opportunity to envision the next phase of our partnership with Aksum University,” said Mark Potter, associate vice president for academic and civic collaboration. “It helped provide a framework for how our institutions can best leverage our relationship for the benefit of our students.”

Fifteen MSU Denver students spent two months at Aksum University during summer 2012 in what was the institution’s first-ever extended visit by international students. Faculty and staff have also traveled to Aksum on multiple occasions, have led a book drive that collected seven tons of books and helped to raise $25,000 to build an elementary school in Adawa located just outside Aksum. Additionally, MSU Denver President Stephen Jordan delivered the Aksum University commencement address in 2011.

Future study abroad opportunities may be developed as a result of MSU Denver’s renewed partnership with Aksum University.

Founded in 2007, Aksum University is located in Northern Ethiopia in Aksum, which is one of Denver’s international sister cities.

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