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Dale Bruning Jazz & Improvised Music Endowed Scholarship

The Dale Bruning Jazz & Improvised Music Endowed Scholarship honors the life of influential jazz guitarist Dale Bruning and is offered to a student in the Jazz & American Improvised Studies concentration every year. 

Dale Bruning was born and raised in Carbondale, Pennsylvania and played piano and guitar during his childhood. He spent four years touring with the US Navy Bands performing on guitar. Bruning moved to Denver in 1964 and began teaching and performing with notable jazz musicians including Dizzy Gillespie, Bill Frisell, and Chet Baker. Bruning is one of Colorado's most influential, innovative, and important educators. Dale's students, including Mr. Frisell, can be heard on recordings and bandstands around the world. Bruning is perhaps best known for the Dale Bruning Jazz Guitar Instruction Book Series. The first volume was published in 1997 and the series has received critical acclaim.

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