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Music Placement Exam Dates for 2020
  • Saturday, January 11 (sign up by January 8)

  • Saturday, February 8 (sign up by February 5)

  • Saturday, April 18 - CANCELED

  • Saturday, August 8 (sign up by July 31)

Music Theory Placement Exam

The Music Theory Placement Exam is for students who have taken formal music theory training either through college-level classes (including AP Music Theory) or private instruction, and wish to place into Music Theory I or higher. Transfer students with prior music theory credits are required to take the Music Theory Placement Exam before those credits can be applied to their degree.

Students who do not test into Music Theory I or higher will be required to take MUS 1010 Essential Music Theory Skills.

To sign up for the Music Theory Placement Exam, students must first sign up for a Music Intake Advising appointment. This 30-minute online appointment will provide detailed information about what to expect on the exam.

For specific information about what topics are covered in each level of the Music Theory Placement Exam, please refer to the Theory Placement Exam Guidelines (PDF).

Class Piano Exam

Students with prior piano instruction or students testing into advanced levels of Music Theory may take the Class Piano Placement Exam to place into advanced levels of Class Piano. Students have the option of testing into Class Piano II, Class Piano III, or out of the Class Piano requirement entirely by taking the Piano Proficiency Exam.

Class Piano Placement Exams are held by appointment on Audition Days. Students may sign up for the Class Piano Placement Exam when they sign up for their audition and/or Music Theory Placement Exam.

The requirements for each level of Class Piano Placement vary; please refer to the packets below for preparation information.

If you have questions about any of the Class Piano Exam requirements, please contact Jooeun Pak,

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