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Online Audition Deadline for Fall 2021

Auditions for the Fall 2021 semester are currently being accepted online.

Online auditions are accepted on a continuous basis. Students will be notified of their audition results within three weeks after submitting their online audition.

Online auditions must be submitted by midnight on Thursday, August 19, 2021 for private lessons in the Fall 2021 semester.

Private instruction is a major component of all music degrees, and is offered to music majors and minors only. Students must demonstrate prior musical experience by passing an audition to be accepted into the private instruction program at MSU Denver. Audition results are valid for one calendar year.

Incoming students are highly encouraged to meet with a Music Department Intake Advisor prior to auditioning. Students can self-book 30-minute online advising appointments here.

Private instruction is currently available for the following instruments:

Brass: Trumpet, Jazz Trumpet, Trombone, Jazz Trombone, French Horn, Euphonium, Tuba
Drums/Percussion: Jazz Drumset, Percussion
Guitar/Bass: Classical Guitar, Jazz Guitar, Jazz Bass Guitar, Jazz Mandolin, Jazz Banjo
Piano: Classical Piano, Jazz Piano, Organ
Strings: Violin, Jazz Violin, Viola, Jazz Viola, Cello, Jazz Cello, Double Bass, Jazz String Bass, Harp
Voice: Classical Voice, Jazz Voice, Musical Theatre Voice
Woodwinds: Flute, Jazz Flute, Clarinet, Jazz Clarinet, Saxophone, Jazz Saxophone, Oboe, Bassoon

If you believe you are not ready to audition for private instruction, we offer audition consultations to guide you in your practice and preparation: Request an Audition Consultation


What to Expect in an Online Audition

Submitting an online audition is a simple, 3-step process:

Step 1: Video record audition repertoire for your instrument.

Step 2: Upload your recordings as unlisted videos on a YouTube channel.

Step 3: Complete and submit the online audition application, including links to the unlisted YouTube videos. 

Audition requirements for each of the three videos are listed by instrument area on the Online Audition Page. Online auditions are accepted on a continuous basis, though deadlines apply depending on the desired semester of private instruction. Applicants are notified of their audition results according to the timeline listed on the Online Audition Page.

Transfer Students

Transfer students with previous private instruction credits may audition into an advanced level of lessons. To audition into an advanced level of lessons, students must contact the director of their instrument area prior to submitting their auditions for additional requirements. They may also be asked to present a list of repertoire studied at the college level and copies of college transcripts to the audition panel. 


Ensemble Auditions

The ensembles listed below require a successful audition for participation. Ensemble auditions are generally held during the first week of classes each semester. Students interested in joining Chorale may sign up for an audition online. For other ensemble auditions, contact the ensemble director below to sign up:

MUS 3819  Chamber Music, contact Emily Ondracek-Peterson
MUS 3820  Chorale (mixed choir), Sign up online 
MUS 3825  Wind Ensemble, contact David Kish 
MUS 3828  Jazz Ensemble, contact Dawn Clement
MUS 3830  Guitar Ensemble, contact Alex Komodore
MUS 3832  Collaborative Piano, contact Jooeun Pak
MUS 3829  Jazz Combo, contact Dawn Clement
MUS 3833  Opera, contact Gene Roberts
Non-credit  Pep Band (paid, basketball season only), contact Michael Hengst

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