MSU Denver


  • Use Our Website! 
    • This website is so comprehensive with all the knowledge of the student orgs team. Read through everything! Or schedule a consultation to talk with us (because who’s got time to read MORE in between coursework)! We can help answer a LOT of questions. 
  • Apply for Incentive Program Points! 
    • Get free stuff for the work you’re already doing. Simply submit a completed Incentive Program form on RoadrunnerLink and tell us about what your org is doing on campus! Get points for hosting events, adding members to your RRL portal, tabling, posting online and more! This will then turn into points which you can cash out for rewards like funds to your org’s account, free banners, and even parking passes. Check out the form for more details.
  • Plan for the Student Involvement and Leadership Awards.
    • Every spring, CMEI hosts SILA where we recognize the work of students across campus that are getting involved. Student Orgs have their own award categories, and we want to recognize YOU at this fantastic and free event. 
    • Document everything your org does throughout the year. Take pictures, meeting minutes, post online. If you’ve submitted to the Incentive Program, you already have all your documentation! Come celebrate other students’ hard work and have a night of free food, laughs, and community. 
  • Make sure we don’t go to your spam box! 
    • We send out lots of great email content, but Constant Contact is marked as an unsafe sender. While our office tries to work this out, mark RoadrunnerLink as a safe sender so we don’t go to your spam box. 
  • Club Connect 
    • Every month, CMEI hosts programming to get student org officers the information they need to lead successfully. Some previous workshops include: 
      • How to successfully table 
      • How to Plan an event 
      • Student Orgs Funding and Finances 
    • Can’t attend Club Connect? Have no fear! Check out the web page to see the awesome resources we shared at the event. 
    • Attend the next Club Connect
  • “Portable Office” 
    • Create a portable office for org officer meetings by checking out the Basic Office Supplies Request form. Select the materials your org needs and pick them up in CMEI. You can store these items by checking out a Storage Locker for your org. And meet anywhere on campus! Or you can host small group meetings by filling out CMEI’s Resource Room Reservation Request form ##link: [insert link] so you can access things like whiteboards and snacks in our office. 
  • Canva to Create Marketing Images 
    • Photoshop is complicated and expensive; but Canva has thousands of templates for quick graphic design. Our office uses it for some of our marketing materials! Access thousands of templates for free and thousands more if you go premium. Give it a try! 
    • Photography Pro Tip! 
      • Rule of Thirds. Draw an imaginary 3×3 grid across the image or marketing material. Where the lines intersect is the most impactful place of your image. Or going across any of the lines create visually aesthetic images. 
      • Check out Digital Photography School’s website for a further breakdown. 
  • Putting Student Organizations on your Resume 
    • Participating in student orgs is a huge part of your extracurricular involvement and it deserves to go on a resume. Whether you are an officer, a member, or maybe a committee member your involvement helped shape the organization. Connect with MSU Denver’s Classroom to Career Hub for guidance on all things resumes, and be sure to bring up student orgs! 

Have you discovered a useful trick for your student org? Share it with us so we can help all student orgs. Submit your idea here. ##link: [insert link]