What is Registration and How Does It Work?

Why Organizations Should Register

Registered student organizations can access a wide range of benefits and resources on campus from CMEI. These resources include: 

  • Room reservation on campus at a discount 
  • Free paper printing 
  • Free buttons 
  • Free office supplies 
  • Access to helium tank and balloons
  • Access to large banner printing 
  • Funding assistance 
  • Personalized Assistance with the Student Orgs Team 
  • So much more! 

Organization Categories

There are three types of student orgs at MSU Denver: Recognized Student Organizations, Affiliated Campus Organizations, and Fraternities and Sororities. Each category is granted different privileges and resources from MSU Denver. Read below to find out what category your student org falls under. If you’re not sure which category your org is, please email us at [email protected]. 

Registration Status

Members can check their organization’s registration status at any time through RoadrunnerLink. Registration status is located on each organization’s portal under the “Additional Information” section. It will either indicate “Registered” or “Not Registered” under the Registration Status heading. Registration status categories are as follows. 



A registered student organization is one that has fulfilled all the registration requirements set forth by the CMEI and is fully recognized and in good standing with the University. 

Inactive/Not Registered 

An inactive student organization is one that has not fulfilled all the registration requirements set forth by the CMEI. Inactive student organizations cannot function or represent themselves as a MSU Denver student organization. Inactive student organizations cannot utilize any campus resources provided for registered student organizations. All student organizations become ‘inactive’ on June 30th of each year until they fulfill the requirements set forth for registration by the CMEI for the next academic school year. 


A pending student organization is one that has initiated the process of registration but has not fulfilled all the registration requirements. Student organizations in pending status may not function or represent themselves as a MSU Denver student organization. 

Not sure if your registration submission has been accepted? Check your school spam email and search for [email protected] then add it to your safe sender list. This will help you stay up to date on the progress of registration and any other forms you submit to our office throughout the year. 

Registration Windows

Early Bird Registration: June 26 – July 3 (Last Week of June)

2023-2024 Registration: July 10 – September 1 


Your student org will only have to register ONCE for the academic year. Registration will only take place in the Fall. We will not register orgs in the Spring semester. If an org misses the deadline, new or existing, you must schedule a meeting with a Student Org Consultant, and we will approve or deny on a case-by-case basis.

A new student org created by a transfer or new student to MSU Denver will be allowed to register after the registration deadline. Any org, new or existing, that registers before the deadline and is denied will have an opportunity to fix their registration, per usual. Please schedule a time with Student Org Consultants by emailing [email protected] for assistance with the process.

Registration Requirements