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Shape Change In Your Community

CMEI Racial Equity and Leadership Programs bring together students to explore, influence, and shape change in their communities. We have a number of programs designed to strengthen your identity and understanding of yourself, grow empathy and experience working with others, and advance our shared communities towards positive change.

Brother to Brother Program

Participants of Brother 2 Brother engaging with each other and one of them smiling at the camera

The Brother to Brother Program (B2B), empowers men of color through mentorship, academic support, and programming to thrive at MSU Denver and to graduate equipped to serve as campus and community leaders. Join us for an upcoming event.

Equity Peer Leaders

EPL Kendi Virtual Event

The Equity Peer Leaders (EPL) group was created to address equity and social justice related issues on our campus. Equity-minded students lead workshops, trainings or discussions to name these issues and craft ways to dismantle them at MSU Denver. This is a space to imagine and practice a future where everyone can thrive and will unapologetically center the truths of marginalized voices.

Sister Circles

CMEI Sister Circles IMG_1497

Sister Circles was created for women and femmes of color to gather as a collective group, and to explore the diverse experiences and needs of women attending MSU Denver. Understanding, learning, growth, strength, healing, and empowerment; engage in inclusivity.

Urban Leadership Program

Urban Leadership Scholars posing for the 2019 Retreat photo

The Urban Leadership Program was established in 2009 as a unique leadership experience at MSU Denver. Scholars participate in coursework, experiential learning components, and mentorship throughout their time in the program. Each student receives a scholarship in addition to training and networking opportunities designed to grow understanding of self, others, and society.

Additional Resources on Equity & Leadership at MSU Denver

In addition to the CMEI, MSU Denver offers a number of opportunities for you to get engaged civically and to cultivate your leadership. This includes earning a minor in leadership studies, connecting with the Golda Meir Center for Political Leadership, and Community & Civic Engagement.


Roadrunners Rock the Vote aligns with efforts from the American Democracy Project Committee at MSU Denver.  This program helps encourage voting and civic engagement in local, state and federal elections.

Community & Civic Engagement

CMEI Equity & Leadership Programs are part of MSU Denver’s commitment to the local community and intentional work throughout the University to partner and support the Denver Metro Area.

Building for the Golda Meir Center

The Golda Meir Center for Political Leadership at MSU Denver provides a comprehensive and unique program that examines the role and meaning of leadership in both public affairs and the arts. The Center conveys its message that leadership matters at all levels of civic life through conferences, an academic course of study and guest speakers.

Minor in Leadership Studies

Leadership is a subject of vital importance. It is a topic that cuts across time and place, as well as traditional disciplinary boundaries. As such, leadership is extremely relevant in a broad range of contexts from local and global politics to business, ethics, and education. This Minor in Leadership Studies offers students a conceptual understanding of leadership studies that, when combined with co-curricular and experiential components, provides them with an increased awareness of their role in a world of multi-layered change.

Center for Multicultural Engagement and Inclusion (CMEI)

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