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Which Flyer to choose

The courses you are required to take for degree completion varies by your catalog year. Your catalog year is determined by the semester of acceptance at MSU Denver. For example if you are admitted for fall semester (August 2015), your catalog year is of that fall semester (2015-2016).  If you do not take classes for three consecutive terms, including summer, you must reapply to the university and your catalog year will defer to the academic year you are readmitted.The most current course description is available in the current academic year's Catalog. Degree requirements are available in the University Catalog and the link above has online versions of each academic year's catalog going back to 1999.

Choose the Flyer that corresponds to your catalog year. Typically, your first year as a student here at MSU Denver. If you are not sure which Flyer to choose, or have any other questions about which class(es) to take, please contact an advisor


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