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French Program


Full-time: Dr. Jean-François Duclos and Dr. Ann Williams

Part-time: Bernadette GrechAngela Herakovich, and Kelly Rogers


Program highlights


  • major in French: French_Major_I
  • major in French and in Spanish or German, no minor required: French option II
  • minor in French: French_Minor
  • K-12 teacher licensure
  • study-abroad program in Vichy


  • proficiency-based: you will learn to speak, write read and understand French;
  • interdisciplinary: we teach culture (in a broad sense), history, cinema, literature, social issues; if you minor in French, you can use your skills to acquire knowledge and expertise in your major;
  • international: we cover the whole French-speaking world and have a study abroad program in France;
  • relevant: we bring contemporary issues into all courses, from day one;
  • innovative: we use the most recent technological and pedagogical developments to make your learning experience lively and effective;
  • organized: every course is designed and taught as part of a cohesive program.

 Language abilities

  • get a real expertise in French communication (oral and written, cultural);
  • use French as a tool to think, research, debate and get things done;
  • learn other romance languages fast;
  • get a initial experience in translation, a growing industry;
  • write better in your native language.

 Marketable skills

  • differentiate yourself form the rest of the workforce;
  • be able to adapt and function in unfamiliar environments;
  • communicate well with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds;
  • negotiate difficult tasks with an acute sense of initiative;
  • analyze, evaluate, and assess cultural differences in professional settings;
  • synthesize information;
  • communicate with French-speaking customers;
  • be worldly-wise, while knowing who you are.

Source : Alain-Philippe Durand, U. of Arizona, The French Review, Vol.86, N°6, May 2013.


Study abroad

Spend four weeks in Vichy and earn 6 university credits. Our next trip is scheduled for June 2017.


Live and work in France for a year

The Teaching Assistant Program in France offers you the opportunity to work in France for 7 months, teaching English to French students of all ages. Several MSU Denver student have taken advantage of this opportunity. Read


Career paths

Among our alumni are former students who

  • constantly use the skills they honed while studying with us;
  • traveled to and lived in French speaking countries;
  • teach French;
  • attend and complete Graduate Programs in French, Comparative Literature and International Affairs.


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