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Why Cadiz?

Founded by the Phoenicians over 3,000 years ago, lays claim to the title of oldest city in Europe. Water surrounds Cadiz on three sides, and it’s only thanks to a land bridge – the ‘Puerta de Tierra’, constructed in 1755 at the height of the city’s prominence as a port of American trade – that travelers can arrive here without a seafaring vessel. That same water covers many of the ancient ruins today – as does some modern construction – and yet the city’s unsurpassed longevity still pulses in its winding streets and stunning cityscapes. Modern-day Cadiz is equally famous for its annual pre-spring carnival as for its residents’ open arms and artful sense of humor. The capital of the Cadiz province, city of 130,000, is nonetheless an intriguingly less-beaten path, rarely overwhelmed with foreign tourists, and easy to get around by foot.


What Courses are offered?

  • 9 credit hours of grammar, conversation, and culture


What is included in the $6,572.50 price?

  • 42 nights of boarding with a family and three daily meals
  • Classes from Monday- Thursday from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm
  • The classroom materials and Certificate of Completion from the University of Cádiz
  • 2-3 weekly cultural activities in Cadiz
  • Supervised tutoring during the afternoons
  • 2 Weekend Trips: They include private bus, entry to museums or historical sites and a tour guide. Granada (overnight four-star hotel) and Sevilla-Córdoba (overnight four-star hotel)

THIS PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE FLIGHT OR PERSONAL EXPENSES. THIS PRICE IS FOR A MINIMUN OF 8 STUDENTS. Deposit of $300.00 per student needs to be made by February 14, 2020. Final and Complete Payment May 8th, 2020. Students can purchase insurance through MundoLengua to be covered while they are in Spain, in addition they must have appropriate health insurance in order to be protected during travel to and from Spain. Therefore, students will have to show proof of insurance before departure.

For further information contact: Dr. Graham Ignizio in PL343 at

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