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Modern Languages Department

The Department of Modern Languages offers courses in six major languages : Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.

Degree programs and certificates

  • Major in Modern Languages with a concentration in Spanish or French (Bachelor of Arts-Option I)
  • Major in Modern Languages with a dual-language concentration in Spanish and French (Bachelor of Arts-Option II)
  • Minor in SpanishFrench, GermanItalian (Japanese minor available starting in Fall 2017)
  • Develop your own language major or minor, working with a faculty mentor in Modern Languages and the degree specialists at the Individualized Degree Program.
  • Complete a university certificate. Currently, we offer one for the Translation Program in Spanish. Starting in Fall 2017 we will offer two more: Bilingual Education Specialist—School and Bilingual Education Specialist—Agency.

Teacher Licensure

Students seeking secondary credentials in French, German, or Spanish must satisfy the teacher education program of MSU Denver in addition to all of the major requirements. They must also demonstrate sufficient mastery of the target language or languages through an appropriate proficiency exam.


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