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Student Testimonials

A portrait of Pablo Noriega, a former MBA graduate.

Pablo Noriega

Scored 81st percentile* on the National MBA Test**

“MSU Denver's MBA program provided me with an opportunity to strengthen my critical thinking and leadership skills in a manner that translates to day-to-day business success. This is a program for working professionals who want to lead change in the real world.”
A portrait of Kassy Harvey, an MBA graduate.

Kassy Harvey

Scored 75th percentile* on the National MBA Test**

"The MBA program at MSU Denver helped me face ambiguity in my professional and personal life. Problem solving by using critical and unconventional thinking builds a foundation for a leader."

*What does percentile mean? It means 81% and 75% of students who took the test scored below Pablo and Kassy. 

**Approximately 15,000 students, from over 200 MBA-offering institutions, take the ETS MBA test. The median score is 247, or 48th percentile.



"The MBA program provides practical knowledge and problem solving skills I can use in the workplace daily. My colleagues, clients, and managers now all take notice when I have ideas to share, and they know that my development as a professional results from the time and energy I put into my studies in graduate school."


Megan Carrica, Staffing Consultant

MSU Denver MBA Student



"The MBA program at MSU Denver offers me everything I need in a master's program: low tuition, in-person instruction, and the AACSB-accreditation that employers look for when hiring MBA graduates. The evening classes at the campus downtown work great for my schedule, and I loved the trip to Costa Rica earlier this year."


Aaron Goldschmidt, Entrepreneur

MSU Denver MBA Student


"I had some practice with public speaking before enrolling in the master's degree, and the MBA program has helped to sharpen my skills moving forward. The information I receive in the classroom is easier to understand through the teaching ability of my professors, and I now have more confidence in relaying that content to audiences in a professional setting."


Joseph Laviolette, Beverage Laboratory Coordinator

MSU Denver MBA Student

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