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Student Testimonials

A portrait of MBA graduate Lindsay Boyle

Lindsay Boyle

Scored 93rd percentile* on the National MBA Test**

"The [MBA] program has prepared me to be able to step into the next level of leadership in my organization, and has given me the tools and skills I need to not only have a seat at the table, but a voice as well. An unexpected takeaway has been how much I have enjoyed the relationships I’ve made with both the students in my cohort and the MSU Denver faculty, I know they’ll continue to be trusted friends in the future."
A portrait of MBA graduate, Daniel Armour-Barrett.

Daniel Armour-Barrett

Scored 92nd percentile* on the National MBA Test**

"The [MBA] program prepared me too analyze diverse information using strong quantitative and reasoning skills. This has given me the tools necessary to interpret financial data and to build effective strategies using sound business judgement."
A portrait of Pablo Noriega, a former MBA graduate.

Pablo Noriega

Scored 81st percentile* on the National MBA Test**

“MSU Denver's MBA program provided me with an opportunity to strengthen my critical thinking and leadership skills in a manner that translates to day-to-day business success. This is a program for working professionals who want to lead change in the real world.”
A portrait of Kassy Harvey, an MBA graduate.

Kassy Harvey

Scored 75th percentile* on the National MBA Test**

"The MBA program at MSU Denver helped me face ambiguity in my professional and personal life. Problem solving by using critical and unconventional thinking builds a foundation for a leader."

*What does percentile mean? It means 93%, 92%, 81% and 75% of students who took the test scored below Lindsay, Daniel, Pablo and Kassy, respectively. 

**Approximately 15,000 students, from over 200 MBA-offering institutions, take the ETS MBA test. The median score is 247, or 48th percentile.

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