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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions from prospective MBA students. If you have additional questions, please reach out to us at or 303-615-1117.

I am interested in the MBA program at the MSU Denver. Can I make an appointment to talk with an admissions advisor?

  • Yes! Please contact our Graduate Programs team by phone at 303-615-1117 or by email at


When and where are classes available?

  • Most classes are offered on the Auraria Campus in the evening (typically 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm) once night per week, and some will be offered hybrid (both in-person and online) or online live stream. 
  • Please reference the university's graduate schedule for more information.


How long does it take to complete the degree?

  • If you take an average of two classes in the fall and spring semesters, and one course in the summer semester, the program will take approximately 2.5 - 3 years to complete.


What is considered full time?

  • Students are considered full time if they are registered for six (6) graduate-level credit hours and part-time if they are registered for three (3) graduate-level credit hours.


Is there a GPA requirement for applying to the MBA Program?

  • We do not have a minimum GPA requirement. Please keep in mind that your GPA is only one of a number of criteria we review in determining admission. 

What is the cost per credit hour?

  • Please reference the tuition and fees chart via the Office of the Bursar for complete costs.


I see differences in tuition for in-state residents versus non-resident students. What is considered to be a resident student?

  • The Colorado Department of Higher Education defines an in-state student as, "a student who has been domiciled in Colorado for one year or more immediately preceding registration at any institution of higher education in Colorado for any term or session for which domiciliary classification is claimed, but attendance at an institution of higher education, public or private, within the state of Colorado shall not alone be sufficient to qualify for domicile in Colorado. "In-state student" includes a member of the armed forces of the United States or his dependents who qualify under section 23-7-103 (1) (c)."
  • For more information on Colorado Residency Statues, please visit:


Is financial aid available?

  • You can determine your eligibility for financial aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at and following up with the financial aid department at 303-556-8593. Please visit the Office of Financial Aid's website for more information. 


Do you have any scholarships available?

For more general information about the GMAT, visit our GMAT Exam page


Is the GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test) required for admission?

  • Yes, unless you meet the other requirements to waive the GMAT. Please visit GMAT's website for more information and to sign up.


Can I take the GMAT online?

  •  Yes. The GMAT is available at in-person testing centers and online. More infomation can be found via the GMAT Online website


Do I still need to take the GMAT if I am an MSU Denver student?

  • Yes, unless you meet the other requirements to waive the GMAT.

  • GMAT "waivers" include: proof of a graduate degree (master's or doctorate) or Professional Portfolio documenting at least five years of significant experience.


What is the minimum GMAT score required for applying to the MBA program?

  • We do not have a minimum score requirement. Please keep in mind that your GMAT scores are only one of a number of criteria the MBA Admissions Committee reviews when determining admission. 


When should I plan to take the GMAT?

  • You must take the GMAT exam before you apply to the MBA program. We recommend you take the test at least two weeks before the application deadline to ensure th MBA program receives your scores on time.
  • For information on the GMAT, call 1-800-GMAT-NOW or visit the GMAT website


How can I prepare for the GMAT?

Can you help me find a job?

  • The College of Business partners with the Classroom to Career Hub (C2 Hub) for all career help. We have a dedicated industry navigator, Amy Bechtum. Amy helps heighten awareness and promote career services to MSU Denver business students by developing targeted career education programs and employer networking opportunities with local businesses, professionals, and government agencies. Amy can be reached by email at

  • Additionally, CareerLink is available to students to sign up for workshops, find off-campus jobs, view career events, and apply for on-campus interviews.

  • For an overview of services provided by the C2 Hub and Career Services, check out this link:

As an international prospective student do I need to take the TOEFL?

  • It depends. The University requires proof of English proficiency*, meaning we don't only accept the TOEFL, although it is the most common. Here's what our Office of Graduate Studies accepts as English proficiency, please note you only need to submit one of the following:
    • A minimum score of 76 on the internet-based (iBT) TOEFL
    • A minimum score of 6.0 on the IELTS (Prefer E-Delivery system)
    • A minimum score of 51 on the PTE
    • The official completion of an accredited English as a Second Language (ESL) program
    • Hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited U.S. college or university
    • Have graduated from an American high school with attendance for at least two (2) full academic years
    • Hold an associate's degree (AA and AS only) from a regionally accredited American community college
    • Have completed at least 30 semester hours at a U.S. college or university and completed both the required English composition courses (English 1010 and 1020) with grades of C or better

    *Proof of English Proficiency is not required for applicants who: Are lifetime residents of Australia, Belize, Great Britain, Botswana, Canada (except Quebec), Commonwealth Caribbean, Ghana, Great Britain, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Nigeria, Scotland, Singapore, South Africa, and Zimbabwe

  • For more questions regarding English proficiency, please contact the Office of Graduate Studies at


As an international prospective student do I need to take the GMAT?

  • It depends.
    • If you have under five years of progressive experience, you will need to take the GMAT. 
    • If you can prove you have five or more years of progressive experience, you can submit a professional portfolio. 
    • For more information, please contact the College of Business Graduate Programs staff.


As an international prospective student can I work during the MBA program?

  • Yes. However this must be an on-campus position with MSU Denver. You will have the option to apply for work authorization post-completion.
  • The maximum hours an international student on an F-1 Visa can work is up to 20 hours per week. 
  • To find an hourly position on campus, check out our MSU Denver Jobs page, and click on "Student."


What is considered to be full time for international students? Does six graduate-level credit hours allow to maintain a F-1 status?

  • A full time international student must take 6 credit hours (or 2 graduate courses).
  • In addition to maintaining a valid passport, primarily on-campus/full-time enrollment and consistent contact with the program/ISS is required to maintain F-1 status.


Are there financial aid resources (i.e. scholarships, grants, or alternative funds) available for international students? As an international prospective student can I apply for FASFA or DAIA?


As an international prospective student, do I have to take classes in the summer semester in order to maintain my F-1 status?

  • No, international students do not need to take summer courses. Unless something has changed under the current administration.
  • However, summer is only required at full-time status (3-credits or 1-class for summer) when it is the student’s first semester at the school and they are admitted for Summer, Otherwise never again are they required to attend in Summer (some exceptions not necessary here, meaning if you have an issue attending a full semester in Fall/Spring that exceeds more than 5-month gap from one semester to another OR if you are coming off of OPT later in a normal semester and cannot enroll to maintain status).


As an International prospective Student, Can I take my classes online?

Please note, this is extremely complicated. For specific questions on this, you should reach out to the International Student Support team at However, international students can complete graduate courses online/remote if that option is available to them.

Due to COVID-19, it is recommended that international students be admitted and complete the Fall 2020 semester online/remote. They will not be issued an I-20 and they will not be able to enter onto US soil. They need to meet all the admissions requirements minus the Financial Affidavit and Bank Statement.

When a student decides to enter onto US soil to complete the program in-person they will need to complete the two financial documents. Students should plan far in advance to ensure they will get here on time to begin classes.


To learn more about the application process, please visit our MBA International Student Support page

If you have additional questions about being an international student, how to obtain an F-1 Visa, and more, please reach out to the International Student Support team at


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