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Welcome to the MSU Denver Mathematics Club!

Our Mission:

To facilitate learning and enjoyment in the field of mathematics, while creating a sense of community and involvement for MSU Denver mathematics students. We seek to involve students and faculty in further mathematical learning and education, and provide students with opportunities for advanced learning outside of the classroom.

What we do:

The Mathematics Club is always looking for new and exciting activities. Currently we have monthly talks on various subjects in Mathematics, given by local professionals, professors and students. These talks include pizza, snacks, free books, and good conversation, and are held the first Friday of the month at 2:30 pm in Science 1011, unless otherwise noted. 

How do I join? 

If you hear about a math club event, just drop by and join the group! 


  Upcoming Math Club Presentations (2018-2019)

Friday September 7, 2018 John Carter
Friday October 5, 2018 John Ethier
Friday November 2, 2018 Ken Prevot
Friday December 7, 2018  
Friday February 1, 2019  
Friday March 1, 2019  
Friday April 5, 2019 Ben Dyhr
Friday May 3, 2019  

The MSU Denver MATH CLUB presents

John Carter - September 7, 2018

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