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Frequently Asked Questions


Which of the Quantitative Literacy courses should I take?

Am I ready to take a Quantitative Literacy course?

Is it necessary to start with a Quantitative Literacy course?

  • No. Any course for which a quantitative literacy course is a prerequisite will satisfy the quantitative literacy requirement.  For example, College Algebra is a prerequisite for Trigonometry and Trigonometry is a prerequisite for Calculus I. Since College Algebra satisfies the Quantitative LIteracy requirement, then either Trigonometry or Calculus I will also satisfy the Quantitative LIteracy requirement.

Does the course number indicate the level of difficulty?

  •  No! Of all the quantitative literacy courses MTH 1110, College Algebra for Calculus, is the most difficult course.

Are there study materials available for the placement tests?

Where do I take the placement tests?

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