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MTH 1320 Readiness Topics

For students who are going on to take MTH 1320, the following is a summary of the topics you should be comfortable with before you take that class.

1. Solving basic linear and quadratic equations (algebraically)

2. Linear equations and their graphs

3. Solving logarithmic and exponential equations (algebraically)

4. Basic algebra: expanding binomials, rules of exponents

5. Using function formulas, including piece-wise defined functions

6. Graphing calculator basics

  • You should be able to use the basic calculator functions, radicals and exponents. You should be able to create graphs of functions, using an appropriate Window, and know how to use Trace and Zoom.

7. Using the graphing calculator for curve-fitting (regression) and equation-solving (graphically)

8. Basic profit, revenue, cost, price and quantity relationships:

  • Profit = Revenue – Cost
  • Revenue = Price × Quantity
  • Cost = Fixed Cost + Variable Cost

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