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Who needs to take a Placement Test?

  • Any student who needs to register for a 1000-level math class and does not already have a qualifying prerequisite completed within the last 5 years.  See Prerequisites

What Placement Test do I Take?

Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics Accuplacer (QAS)
  • MTH 1080-Mathematics for Liberal Arts
  • MTH 1210-Introduction to Statistics
  • MTH 1610-Integrated Mathematics I
Advanced Algebra and Functions Accuplacer (AAF)
  • MTH 1108/1109-Stretch College Algebra
  • MTH 1110-College Algebra for Calculus
  • MTH 1112-College Algebra Through Modeling
  • MTH 1120-College Trigonometry
  • MTH 1310-Finite Mathematics for Management and Social Sciences
  • MTH 1320-Calculus for Management and Social Sciences
  • MTH 1400-Precalculus Mathematics
  • MTH 1410-Calculus I


Self Paced Tutorials:

  • Algebra Help
  • Khan Academy
  • Purple Math




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