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Khan Academy MTH 1320

This website shows Khan Academy links for most topics in MTH 1320.

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You will see some links to Khan Academy videos for topics in each section for the chapter.  


Khan Academy organizes videos in a string that you will see on the left of the Khan Academy page. Click through the videos and practice problems in the string for more examples on the topic you have selected.


Section 9.1: Limits
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Limits (Using graphs) Intro to limits  
One-Sided Limits One-sided limits from graphs One-sided limits from graphs practice
Limits (Using functions) Limit example Two-sided limits using Algebra
Limit properties Limit properties  
0/0 Indeterminate Form Limit by factoring Limits 2
a/0 Indeterminate Form    
Limits of peicewise-defined functions    


Section 9.2: Continuous Functions; Limits at Infinity
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Continuous functions Limits to define continuity  
Discontinuous functions Point of discontinuity  
Limits at Infinity Limits at infinity
Horizontal Asymptotes Limits at positive and negative infinity  


Section 9.3: Rates of Change and Derivatives
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Average rate of change Slope of secant lines 
Derivative The derivative example  
Instantaneous rate of change    
Marginal revenue    
Slope of the tangent    
Equation of the tangent line Find a linear equation given a point and slope  
Approximations of the derivative Approximating instantaneous rate of change  



Section 9.4: Derivative Formulas
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Powers of x rule Power rule Power rule practice
Derivative of a constant Derivative properties  
Coefficient rule Derivative properties  
Sum and difference rules Derivative properties and polynomial derivatives Derivative properties and polynoial derivatives practice
Horizontal tangents Graphs of functions and their derivatives practice


Section 9.5: The Product Rule and the Quotient Rule
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Product rule  
Quotient rule   Quotient rule practice


Section 9.6: The Chain Rule
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Composite functions Creating a new function from composition  
Chain rule Chain rule definition and example   


Section 9.8: Higher-Order Derivatives
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Second derivative    
Rate of change of a derivative    


Section 9.9: Applications; Marginals and Derivatives
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Marginal revenue    
Marginal Cost    
Marginal profit    


Section 10.1: Relative Maxima and Minima
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Relative maxima and minima Relative maxima and minima Extreme values from graphs
Increasing and decreasing functions    
Finding relative maxima and minima Identifying maxima and minima  
maxima, minima, and horizontal points of inflection    


Section 10.2: Concavity; Points of Inflection
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Concave up and concave down
Point of Inflection Inflection points  


Section 10.3: Optimization in Business and Economics
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Absolute maximum and minimum Applying extreme value theorem Extreme value theorem
Maximizing revenue and profit Optimizing profit  
Minimizing cost Minimizing the cost of a storage container  
Average cost    


Section 11.1: Derivatives of Logarithmic Functions
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Derivatives involving ln(x)   Special derivatives
Derivatives of y=ln(u)    
Derivatives using log properties Derivatives using log properties  


Section 11.2: Derivatives of Exponential Functions
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Derivative of an exponential function   Special derivatives
Derivative of e^u    


Section 12.1: Indefinite Integrals
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Antidifferentiation Antiderivatives and indefinite integrals  
Powers of x  


Section 12.2: The Power Rule
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Differentials U-substitution  
Power rule for integration (U-sunstitution)  


Section 12.3: Integrals Involving Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Integral of an exponential U-substitution  
Graphs of functions and integrals Visually determining antiderivative Graphs of antiderivatives
Integral resulting in a logarithmic function    



Section 12.4: Applications of the Indefinite Integral in Business and Economics
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Total cost    
Maximum profit    
Cost, revenue, and profit    
Finding the constant of integration Velocity and position from acceleration  
National consumption and savings    


Section 13.1: Area Under a Curve
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Area under a curve Simple Riemann approximation using rectangles  


Section 13.2: The Definite Integral; The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Definite integral definition Riemann sums and integrals  
Fundamental Theorem of Calculus  
Definite integrals Examples leveraging integration properties  
Properties of definite integrals Properties of integrals
Area under a curve    


Section 13.3: Area Between Two Curves
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Area between two curves Area between curves  
Area enclosed by two curves Area between curves with multiple boundaries  
Average value  



Section 13.4: Applications of Definite Integrals in Business and Economics
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Consumer's surplus Total consumer surplus as area  
Producer's surplus Producer surplus  


Section 14.1: Functions of Two or More Variables
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Function values Example: evaluating expressions with two variables  


Section 14.2: Partial Differentiation
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Partial Derivatives Partial derivatives  
Partial derivative at a point    


Section 14.3: Applications of Functions of Two Variables in Business and Economics
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Joint cost    
Marginal demand functions    


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