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Khan Academy MTH 1310

This website shows Khan Academy links for most topics in MTH 1310.

Just click on the chapter you want in the menu below.

You will see some links to Khan Academy videos for topics in each section for the chapter.  


Khan Academy organizes videos in a string that you will see on the left of the Khan Academy page. Click through the videos and practice problems in the string for more examples on the topic you have selected.

Section 0.2
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Real Numbers Number Sets  
Properties of Real Numbers Arithmetic Properties  
Inequalities and Intervals Inequalities on a Number Line Inequalities on a Number Line
Absolute Value Absolute Value and Number Lines Absolute Value
Order of Operations Introduction to Order of Operations Order of Operations


Section 0.3
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Positive Integer Exponents Exponents 1
Negative and Zero Exponents   Exponents 2 
Operations with Exponents   Properties of Integer Exponents


Section 0.4
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Roots Understanding Square Roots  
Fractional Exponents Rational Exponents and Exponent Laws  Exponents 4
Rationalizing Denominators How to Rationalize a Denominator   



Section 0.5
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Combining Polynomials Addition and Subtraction of Polynomials Adding and Subtracting Polynomials
Distributive Law Distributive Property Example Distributive Property 
Product of Two Polynomials FOIL for Multiplying Binomials Multiplying Expressions 
Division of Polynomials Polynomial Division Dividing Polynomials with Remainders


Section 1.1: Solutions of Linear Equations and Inequalities in One Variable
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Solving Linear Equations Algebra:Linear Equations  
Solving Fractional Equations Solving Rational Equations Solving Rational Equations
Solving an Equation for One of Two Variables Solving for a Variable Manipulating Formulas
Profit Example Linear Equation Word Problem Linear Equation Word Problems
Solving Inequalities Multi-step Inequalities Linear Inequalities


Section 1.2: Functions
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Functions Relations and Functions  
Graphing Functions    
Evaluating Functions   Functions 1
Function Notation Understanding Function Notation  
Domain and Range Domain of a Radical Function Domain of a Function
Operations with Functions  
Composition of Functions Creating a New Function from Composition  


Section 1.3: Linear Functions
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Intercepts Graphing with Intercepts  
Slope Slope of a Line  
Equations of Lines Finding a Linear Equation  
Writing the Equation of a Line Constructing the Equation of a Line Slope-Intercept Form 
Slope-Intercept Form Point-Slope and Standard Form Converting between Slope-Intercept and Standard Form
Graphing Linear Functions Graphing in Slope-Intercept Form  



Section 1.4: Graphs and Graphing Utilities
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Graphing with a Graphing Calculator    


Section 1.5: Solutions of Systems of Linear Equations
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Graphical Solution of a System Solving Linear Systems by Graphing  
Solution by Substitution Solving Linear Systems by Substitution  
Solution by Elimination Solving Systems of Equations by Elimination  Systems of Equations
Inconsistent and Dependent Systems Special Types of Linear Systems  


Section 1.6: Applications of Functions in Business and Economics
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Cost, Revenue, and Profit Functions    
Marginal Cost    
Break Even    
Market Equilibrium Market Equilibrium  
Section 2.1: Quadratic Equations
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Quadratic Equations Quadratics in Standard Form  
Solving by Factoring Solving a Quadratic by Factoring Solving Quadratics by Factoring
Solving by the Square Root Method Solving Quadratics by Square Roots Solving Quadratics by Taking Square Roots
Solving by the Quadratic Formula How to Use the Quadratic Formula Quadratic Formula
Nonreal Solutions How to Use the Quadratic Formula  


Section 2.2: Quadratic Functions: Parabolas
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Vertex and Graph of a Parabola Parabola Vertex and Axis of Symmetry  
Graph of a Quadratic Function Graphing a Parabola  
Graph Comparison Shifting and Scaling Parabolas Graphing Parabolas 1
Average Rate of Change Average Rate of Change Average Rate of Change


Section 2.3: Business Applications Using Quadratics
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Break-Even Point    
Profit Maximization    
Market Equilibrium    



Section 2.4: Special Functions and Their Graphs
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Shifted Graphs Shifting and Reflecting Functions Shifting and Reflecting Functions
Rational Functions Rational Functions  


Section 2.5: Modeling; Fitting Curves to Data with Graphing Utilities
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Curve Fitting    


Section 3.1: Matrices
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Matrices Intro to the Matrix Matrix Dimensions
Matrix Sums and Differences Matrix Addition and Subtraction Matrix Addition and Subtraction
Scalar Multiplication Scalar Multiplication Scalar Matrix Multiplication
Transpose of a Matrix    


Section 3.2: Multiplication of Matrices
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Matrix Product  
Identity Matrix Identity Matrix  


Section 3.3: Gauss-Jordan Elimination: Solving Systems of Equations
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Gauss-Jordan Method Reduced Row Echelon Form 1  
Matrix Solution of a System Reduced Row Echelon Form 2  
A System with No Solution Reduced Row Echelon Form 3  



Section 3.4: Inverse of a Square Matrix; Matrix Equations
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Finding an Inverse Matrix Inverse of a 2x2 Matrix

Solutions with Inverse Matrices Matrix Equations and Systems  
Determinant of a 2x2 Matrix Finding the Determinant of a 2x2 Matrix Matrix Determinant


Section 4.1: Linear Inequalities in Two Variables
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Graphing an Inequality Graphing Linear Inequalities in Two Variables Graphing Inequalities
Graphical Solution of a System of Inequalities Graphing Systems of Inequalities Graphing Systems of Inequalities


Section 4.2: Linear Programming: Graphical Methods
TopicVideosPractice Problems


Section 5.1: Exponential Functions
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Exponential Functions Exponential Growth Functions  
Graphing an Exponential Function Graphing Exponential Functions  
Exponential Functions with Base e    
Exponential Growth Exponential Growth and Decay Word Problems  


Section 5.2: Logarithmic Functions and their Properties
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Logarithms and Exponential Functions Comparing Exponential and Logarithmic Functions  
Graphing a Logarithmic Function Graphing Logarithmic Functions  
Graphing the Natural Logarithm  
Logarithm Properties Using Multiple Logarithm Properties to Simplify Logarithms
Change of Base Formula Change of Base Formula  


Section 5.3: Solutions of Exponential Equations
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Solving an Exponential Equation Solving an Exponential Equation Using Logarithms to Solve Exponential Equations
Solving a Logarithmic Equation Solving Logarithmic Equations  


Section 6.1: Simple Interest; Sequences
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Simple Interest Introduction to Interest  
Arithmetic Sequences Arithmetic Sequences  


Section 6.2: Compount Interest; Geometric Sequences
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Compound Interest Interest Part 2  
Future Value    
Present Value    
Continuous Compounding    
Annual Percentage Yield Annual Percentage Rate  
Geometric Sequences Geometric Sequences Introduction  


Section 6.3: Future Values of Annuities
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Future Value Time Value of Money  
Payment for an Ordinary Annuity    
Future Value for an Annuity Due    



Section 6.4: Present Values of Annuities
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Present Value Time Value of Money  
Payments from an Annuity    
Present Value of an Annuity Due    
Present Value of a Deferred Annuity    


Section 6.5: Loans and Amortization
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Payments to Amortize a Debt    
Amortization Schedule    
Unpaid Balance    


Section 7.1: Probability; Odds
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Probability Basic Probability Probability 1
Probability of Events Example: Probabilities  
Sample Spaces Example: Sample Space  


Section 7.2: Unions and Intersections of Events: One Trial Experiments
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Unions and Intersections of Events  
Inclusion-Exclusion Principle Addition Rule for Probability  
Mutual Exclusivity    


Section 7.3: Conditional Probability: The Product Rule
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Conditional Probability Introduction to Dependent Probability Identifying Dependent and Independent Events
Product Rule   Dependent Probability
Independent Events Compound Probability of Independent Events Compound Events
Product Rule for Independent Events Product Rule with Independence Independent Probability
"At Least One" Probability Rule At Least One  


Section 7.4: Probability Trees and Bayes' Formula
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Probability Tree Example: Bag of Unfair Coins  
Bayes' Formula    


Section 7.5: Counting: Permutations and Combinations
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Fundamental Counting Principle Permutations 1  
Permutations Example: Ways to Arrange Colors Permutations
Combinations Example: 9 Card Hands Combinations


Section 7.6: Permutations, Combinations, and Probability
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Applications Probability with Permutation and Combination


Section 7.7: Markov Chains
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Probability Vector    
Regular Markov Chain    


Section 8.1: Binomial Probability Experiments
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Binomial Experiments Binomial Distribution  


Section 8.3: Discrete Probability Distributions; The Binomial Distribution
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Discrete Probability Distribution Constructing a Probability Distribution  
Expected Value Expected Value Expected Value



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