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Khan Academy MTH 1080

This website shows Khan Academy links for core topics in MTH 1080

Click on the Chapter you want.

You will see some links to Khan Academy videos for topics in each section for the chapter.


Khan Academy organizes videos in a string that you will see on the left of the Khan Academy page.  Click through the videos and practice problems in the string for more examples on the topic you have selected.

Section 4A: Taking Control of your Finances
TopicVideosPractice Problems

Budget basics



Cash flow



Working with percentages

Finding a percentage

Finding percents practice


Section 4B: The Power of Compounding
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Simple interest versus compound interest  
The compound interest formula Intro to compound interest  
Continuous compounding    
APY Annual Percentage Rate  


Section 4C: Savings Plans and Investments
TopicVideosPractice Problems
The savings plan formula    
Types of investments Bonds versus stocks  



Section 4D: Loan Payments, Credit Cards, and Mortgages
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Installment loans    
Credit cards    


Section 4E: Income Taxes
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Income tax basics Basics of US income tax rate schedule  
Tax credits and deductions Tax deductions introduction  
Social security and medicare taxes Calculating federal taxes   
Dividends and capital gains    


Section 5C: Statistical Tables and Graphs
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Frequency tables Creating frequency tables
Bar graphs and histograms Histograms Creating histograms
Stem-and-leaf displays Stem-and-leaf plots  
Section 6A: Characterizing Data
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Mean Finding mean, median, and mode Mean, median, and mode
Median Finding mean, median, and mode Mean, median, and mode
Mode Finding mean, median, and mode Mean, median, and mode



Section 6B: Measures of Variation
TopicVideosPractice Problems
The five-number summary Constructing a box plot  
Range Range, variance, and standard deviation  
Standard deviation Standard deviation practice



Section 6C: The Normal Distribution
TopicVideosPractice Problems
The normal distribution  
The 68-95-99.7 Rule The Empirical Rule The Empirical Rule
Z-score Z-score Z-score practice 1
The standard normal distribution Standard normal distribution


Section 7A: Fundamentals of Probability
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Sample spaces and events  
Counting and probability Probability through counting outcomes  
Complement  Universal set and absolute complement  


Section 7B: Combining Probabilities
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Conditional probability Intro to dependent probability
"And" Probability Intersection and union of events  
"Either/Or" Probability  Addition rule for probability  
Dependent and independent events Independent events example Identifying independent and dependent events


Section 7C: The Law of Large Numbers
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Exected value Expected value Expected value practice


Section 7E: Counting and Probability
TopicVideosPractice Problems
The fundamental counting principle The counting principle  
Systematic counting Counting flowers example  
Factorial notation  
Permutations Permutation formula Permutations
Probability using permutations and combinations Probability using Combinations  



Section 8A: Growth: Linear versus Exponential
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Linear and exponential growth Understanding linear and exponential models Linear and exponential models practice
The impact of doublings    


Section 8B: Doubling Time and Half Life
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Approximate doubling time formula The rule of 72  
Approximate half-life formula The rule of 72  
Exact formuals for doubling time and half-life    


Section 8C: Real Population Growth
TopicVideosPractice Problems
Carrying capacity and logistic growth    


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