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Statistics Minor

Statistics is widely used in science, industry and government. Statistical methods are used to collect, analyze, and interpret data in natural and social sciences, business, and engineering. The courses in the Statistics Minor focus on applied topics that are useful for students in a variety of disciplines.

A grade of ā€œCā€ or better is required for each course in this program to count toward the Statistics Minor. Calculus I (MTH 1410) and Calculus II (MTH 2410) are not listed in the requirements for the Statistics Minor, but these courses are prerequisites for courses in the minor. In particular, MTH 1410 is a prerequisite and MTH 2410 is a corequisite for MTH 3210. A Statistics Minor cannot be combined with a Mathematics Major.

Note: A major that requires a minor in mathematics or computer science can specify the courses for such a minor and the total hours required may differ from the hour totals listed below. Please consult the listings included with those majors. Only one of three courses, MTH 2140, MTH 3130 or MTH 3140 can be counted in any mathematics or statistics minor.


Statistics Minor Requirements

(Be sure you are in your declared catalog when reviewing the requirements for the minor.)

  1. Download the Declaration of Major Fillable form and open with Adobe Reader.
  2. You must sign the document electronically. You may need to create an electronic signature within Adobe Reader first.
  3. Return the form to Paul Encinias at for processing.


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