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Mathematics Major

The Department of Mathematical Sciences offers coursework leading to the Bachelor of Science degree with concentrations in General Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Mathematics Education, Probability & Statistics, and Theoretical Mathematics.

A degree in mathematics is useful in a variety of professional fields including, among many others, business, economics, computer science, government, education, technology, and science. Students are invited to consult with the department concerning career options.

All concentrations within the mathematics major are required to complete a basic core of courses with a required minimum grade of “C-” in each of these courses.

Students should note that other programs that require certain mathematics courses differ in the minimum grade required.

Program Objectives, Enrollment and Graduation Rates


Mathematics Major Requirements

Students selecting the B.S. program in Mathematics must select a concentration and should familiarize themselves with the specific requirements for the major and concentration as well as the basic requirements for all degree programs within the university.  In particular an approved minor consisting of at least 18 credit hours must be completed.  (Students seeking licensure in Mathematics Education should declare a Secondary Education Minor.)

Be sure that you are in your declared catalog when reviewing all of the requirements for your degree.


About the Concentrations

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