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Curriculum - 2020 Catalog

You will complete 30 credit hours for the MPAcc degree

  • 21 credit hours of required core courses
  • 6 credit hours of open accounting electives
  • 3 credit hours of an experiential learning course

MPAcc degree requirements, course descriptions, prerequisites, and leveling requirement information is available in the Graduate Catalog


Planned Course Offerings By Term 

 Core Courses (7 courses, 21 credits required)

CourseTitlePrerequisite Fall   Spring Summer
ACCM 5000 Accounting Ethics, Professionalism, and Leadership None X  
ACCM 5020 Communication and Accounting Research None   
ACCM 5070 Taxation for Decision Makers None X  
ACCM 5400 Strategic Cost Management  ACCM 5050 or ACC 2020  X  
ACCM 5510 Accounting Theory ACCM 5020, & ACCM 5100 or ACC 3520  
ACCM 6580 Financial Statement Analysis and Quantitative Methods ACCM 5100 or ACC 3510   
ACCM 5200 OR Contemporary Auditing Issues ACCM 5100 or ACC 3520    
ACCM 5600 Fraud Examination Awareness Seminar ACCM 5100 or ACC 3520    X  

Open Accounting Electives (2 courses, 6 credits required)

CourseTitlePrerequisite Fall   Spring Summer
ACCM 5060 Commercial Law for Accountants ACCM 5050 or ACC 2020    
ACCM 5220 Practical Business Analytics Peregrine leveling module X    
ACCM 5230 Data Mining for Business Intelligence Peregrine leveling module   X  
ACCM 5650 Legal Elements of Fraud ACCM 5600  X     
ACCM 5800 Applied Internal Auditing ACCM 5020 or ACCM 5100 or ACC 3520    
ACCM 5820 Data Analysis for Fraud and Litigation  ACCM 5200 or ACCM 5600    
ACCM 5090 Tax Research ACCM 5070 or ACC 3090    
ACCM 6100 Taxation of Corporations and Shareholders I ACCM 5070 or ACCM 5090    
ACCM 6140 Small Business Tax ACCM 5070 or ACCM 5090    

Experiential Learning Elective (1 course, 3 credits required)

CourseTitlePrerequisite Fall   Spring Summer
ACCM 5810 Small Business Consulting and Accounting ACCM 5100 or ACC 3510, & ACCM 5400 or ACC 3400 X    
ACCM 5901 Internal Audit Projects  ACCM 5020   X   
ACCM 5980 Master's Accounting Internship Review and approval needed X
ACCM 6080 Tax Site Leadership and Management Review and approval needed    
ACCM 6950 Accounting Research Assistantship Review and approval needed



Students without an accounting degree may be required to take the following leveling classes in conjunction with the MPAcc curriculum. The following courses are each 3 credit hours:


Leveling classes do not count towards degree completion.

Applicants will be required to successfully complete the following leveling modules with a 70%+ on the post test before taking ACCM 5050, ACCM 5220, and/or ACCM 5230. The modules serve as a prerequisite to these courses and must be taken prior to beginning the course. Each module takes 4–6 hours to complete and costs $49.

The modules are:

    • Foundations of Accounting (before taking ACCM 5050, if assigned)
    • Foundations of Business Integration and Strategic Management (before taking ACC 5220 or ACCM 5230)
    • Foundations of Quantitative Research Techniques and Statistics (before taking ACCM 5220 or ACCM 5230)


As a reminder, after successful completion of the leveling module with 70%+ on the post-test, please send a copy of the completion certificate to your MPAcc Advisor to record your progress.


To login to the course, visit

The password is: MSUD-1001


The registration process should take no more than 5 minutes to complete. Upon completion of your registration you will receive a confirmation email with your exam/course link for taking the exam, at the email address you provide.

If you have any problems with the registration process, please visit the technical support page,

If you have other questions about the Peregrine Modules, visit the FAQ page,

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