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Sales Minor

The College of Business offers eleven minors in business and economics. Most minors require 18 credit hours plus prerequisites, if any. These minors (with the exception of economics) are designed primarily for non-business majors. A student may not take more than 30 credit hours in the College of Business without declaring a business major. The acceptance of transfer credits will be governed by standards and policies of the College of Business and its departments.  Students should choose a minor that will help them in their chosen career.

The Sales Minor will give non-business majors that require a minor an opportunity to add a sales component to their degree program.

Six courses (18 credit hours) are required for a Minor

MKT 3000 Principles of Marketing

MKT 3160 Sales Management

MKT 3250 Personal Selling

MKT 4250 Advanced Selling

MKT **** Approved Elective Courses (2 courses)


Sales Minor Electives

MKT 3100  Retail Marketing                           

MKT 3300  Marketing of Services

MKT 3550  Sport Sales

MKT 3610  Business-to-Business Marketing.

MKT 3750  Multicultural Marketing (meets College’s multicultural requirement)*

MKT 3810  Electronic Marketing

MKT 3980  Internship in Marketing

MKT 4300  Social Media Marketing  (may be added using a Degree Exception form)

MKT 4520 Seminar in Marketing


Some things to be aware of as you complete your minor in Sales:

  1. Eighteen credits of upper-division Sales/MKT courses are required; twelve credits must be completed at MSU Denver.
  2. You must have completed ENG 1010, ENG 1020, General Studies requirements in Oral Communication and Quantitative Literacy, and at least junior standing to enroll in MKT 3000 Principles of Marketing.
  3. An internship is recommended for students with limited sales experience. 
  4. You must have completed at least 12 hours in marketing courses PRIOR to enrolling in MKT 4520 Seminar in Marketing Management. 
  5. The Sales Minor elective courses may be chosen from the courses listed below.







*This elective is accepted as a substitute course.


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