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Marketing Course Descriptions

Lower-division courses introduce students to marketing and sales topics.  These do not meet the marketing elective requirement for majors.  One lower-division course can count towards a Marketing Minor, Sales Minor, or Sales Certificate.


BUS 1950-3 Business Communication (3 + 0)
Prerequisites: ENG 1020,  CAS 1010 or CAS 1710, and satisfaction of Level I mathematics requirement 

Prerequisite(s) or Corequisite(s): ENG 1020

This marketing course explores multiple forms of communication within a business environment. Emphasis is placed on writing, listening, speaking, nonverbal and interpersonal communication with internal and external business audiences. Students apply the principles learned to written exercises and oral presentations.

MKT 1250-3 Introduction to Selling  (3 + 0)


This course introduces the environment of professional selling to the student and presents both consumers’ and business buyers’ perspectives. Areas covered include ethical considerations in professional selling and elements in the sales process. Students will meet industry representatives during classroom discussions to learn about potential career opportunities. 

MKT 1260-3 Customer Service  (3 + 0)

This course introduces the field of customer service as applied to both consumer and business buyers.  Areas covered include: developing customer satisfaction, building customer loyalty, creating rapport, and managing customer expectations.  Students will identify these areas through class lectures, guest speakers, cases, and homework assignments. Students will also learn about career opportunities. 

MKT 2010-3 Marketing Around the Globe (3+0)

Prerequisites: ENG 1010

Description: Students study the importance of globalization in the business world where global markets are more connected and marketers must respond to the expectations of global consumers. The course covers the essential concepts of global marketing with the aid of extensive, real-life examples. The course offers balanced coverage of developed and developing markets. Integrating cultural analysis throughout the course, students examine global and local competition and forms of global market entry, as well as basic principles of global marketing strategies, such as price, product, distribution, and promotion.

Note: This course meets SBS II and Global Diversity requirements with the exception of Marketing major students.

General Studies: Social and Behavioral Sciences II, Global Diversity

MKT 3000-3 Principles of Marketing (3 + 0)
Prerequisite: ENG 1010, ENG 1020, satisfaction of Level I communications and mathematics requirement, and at least junior standing

This course helps students understand marketing, the process through which organizations analyze, plan, implement, and control programs to develop and maintain beneficial exchanges with target buyers. Effective marketing is critical for the long-term success of any business organization because this function ensures that the firm attracts, retains, and grows customers by creating, delivering, and communicating superior customer value.

MKT 3010-3 Marketing Research (3 + 0)
Prerequisites: BUS 1950, MKT 3000, CIS 3300 (or equivalent college statistics course), and at least junior standing

Prerequisite(s) or Corequisite(s): CIS 3300

This course will provide the marketing student with a systematic and objective approach to the search for and analysis of information relevant to the identification and solution of marketing problems.

MKT 3100-3 Retail Marketing (3 + 0)
Prerequisites: MKT 3000 and junior or senior standing

This course will familiarize the student with fundamental retailing concepts and practices. Emphasis will be given to a strategic planning approach for developing and managing the retail marketing mix.

MKT 3110-3 Advertising Management (3 + 0)
Prerequisites: MKT 3000 and junior or senior standing

The principles of advertising are covered in this course from a business-planning framework. The course surveys the advertising field from the marketing-advertising- planning framework. It also discusses the targeting of advertising, types of media, media planning and buying, creative planning, and the basic creative formats for each medium. An evaluation of advertising and the production of efficient ads are discussed.

MKT 3120-3 Promotional Strategy (3 + 0)
Prerequisites: MKT 3110 and junior or senior standing

Following Advertising Management, MKT 3110, this course provides an in-depth understanding and analysis of promotional strategies and tactics necessary in the management of all marketing communications. Students design and execute actual advertising, sales promotion, and publicity plans for a real business.

MKT 3160-3 Sales Management (3 + 0) 

Prerequisites: MKT 3000 and junior or senior standing

This course will provide students with a comprehensive study of problems involved in managing a sales force. Areas covered include organizations, motivation, and performance evaluation. Case analysis is emphasized.

MKT 3190 Social Marketing (3 + 0)

Prerequisites: MKT 3000

Students will examine the application of marketing processes in non-profit organizations, particularly those addressing social issues relating to health, environment, and community. Using case studies and projects, students will consider the most effective ways to influence target market behavior to create positive outcomes. Students will apply marketing concepts such as segmentation, positioning, branding, and the marketing mix. Further topics will include developing long-term relationships with donors and other stakeholders and creating partnerships with for-profit organizations.

MKT 3250-3 Personal Selling (3 + 0)
Prerequisites: MKT 3000 and junior or senior standing

This course examines the environment of personal selling and the process of personal selling. Areas covered include communicating with diverse customers, ethical and legal considerations in personal selling, and the elements of the personal-selling process. This course has a case orientation.

MKT 3300-3 Marketing of Services (3 + 0)
Prerequisites: MKT 3000 and junior or senior standing

This course will introduce students to the problems and issues that are unique to marketing a service organization as well as marketing services. Topics include service strategy, listening to customers, complaint management, service guarantees, customer satisfaction, measuring return on quality, managing moment of truth, relationship marketing, and employee empowerment.

MKT 3310-3 Consumer Behavior (3 + 0)
Prerequisites: MKT 3000 and junior or senior standing

This course analyzes the underlying theories and complex variables influencing consumers and their purchase decision-making processes. The marketing strategy implications of consumer behavior concepts are studied.

MKT 3410-3 Marketing Logistics (3 + 0)
Prerequisites: MKT 3000 and junior or senior standing

This course focuses on the task of logistics as a marketing function. It provides the student with a review and understanding of the history, types of transportation, storage arrangements, and optimization of the logistics operation. The evolution of marketing channels and their relationship to logistics and the marketing process is also covered in this course.

MKT 3500-3 Sports Marketing (3 + 0)
Prerequisite: junior or senior standing

This course is a study of how the principles of marketing are applied in the sports industry. The course examines the marketing of sports, teams, athletes, etc., as well as the use of sports to market products (e.g., sponsorship and promotional licensing).

MKT 3610-3 Business-to-Business Marketing (3 + 0) 

Prerequisites: MKT 3000 and junior or senior standing

In this course, students will investigate the activities involved in marketing goods and services to businesses and government, with primary emphasis on business-to-business marketing.

MKT 3710-3 International Marketing (3 + 0)
Prerequisites: BUS 1950, MKT 3000 and junior or senior standing

The primary objective of this course is to introduce students to the complexities involved in the international marketing process. This course will sensitize students to the economic, political, and cultural differences among nations as they affect marketing; introduce students to the framework of organizations, laws, and business practices as they affect marketing; and develop a student’s ability to identify and evaluate marketing opportunities in the international marketplace.

MKT 3750-3 Multicultural Marketing (3 + 0) 

Prerequisites: MKT 3000


This course examines consumer behavior as an expression of race, ethnicity and gender. It is designed to cultivate an awareness and appreciation of consumer diversity in the United States. Students will develop an understanding of marketing management strategies and practices within a multicultural society. Market opportunities created by consumer diversity in the U.S. is a central theme. Drawing from the social science and marketing literature, the course broadens the student's knowledge of the significance of consumer behavior from within a given culture. (Multicultural)

MKT 3910-3 New Product Development (3 + 0)

Prerequisites: MKT 3000

This course introduces students to the interdisciplinary issues related to developing new products. These issues include creativity and innovation, idea generation, product design, prototyping, market testing, financial analysis, and managing the process for productivity, efficiency, and success. Through classroom and experiential learning activities, students will learn the concepts and skills of new product development and complete a new product project. Creative, critical, and analytical skills will be emphasized and cultivated.

MKT 3980-3 Internship in Marketing (1-15)

Prerequisite(s): Major in Marketing; junior or senior status; permission of instructor

Description: Supervised by a faculty member within the major department, internships provide practical, hands-on experience in a professional field related to the major. Internship placements must be established prior to enrollment in this course in consultation with the Applied Learning Center.

 To register with the Applied Learning Center, students must meet the following qualifications:

  • Completed at least one semester at MSU Denver
  • Sophomore, junior or senior status
  • Declared major in an undergraduate program
  • 2.5 minimum cumulative GPA at MSU Denver
  • Currently enrolled and taking classes at MSU Denver

For information and instructions on finding and enrolling in an internship, contact the Applied Learning Center at 303-615-1333 or

Note: Variable Credit


MKT 4110-3 Reputation and Brand Management (3 + 0)
Prerequisites: MKT 3000 and junior or senior standing

This course examines the difference between reputation and brand management, demonstrates how marketing activities impact both the reputation of an organization and the power of its brand, and examines the strategic importance of effectively managing both.

MKT 4250-3 Advanced Selling (3 + 0)
Prerequisites: MKT 3250 and junior or senior standing

This course builds on the skills developed in MKT 3250 and focuses on relationship selling with an emphasis on value-added selling, major account selling, team selling, negotiating, proposal writing, and business-to-business selling.  Complex selling situations that involve multiple decision makers will be evaluated. 

MKT 4300-3 Social Media Marketing (3+0)
Prerequisite(s): MKT 3000 and junior standing

This course covers advertising, marketing, and communication strategies in the new media landscape where traditional media (e.g. television, print) and the online social media (e.g. Web 2.0, online social networks, user generated content, blogs, forums) co-exist. The primary focus of this course will be on understanding social media, how to build social media marketing strategies, and how to track their effectiveness. Students taking Social Media Marketing will learn the applications of social media to the fulfillment of marketing objectives, particularly those related to the promotion function of the marketing mix. In particular, students will be able to analyze the social context in which a brand operates and audit a brand’s social media positioning, as well as develop strategies for marketing using the zones of social media.

MKT 4520-3 Seminar in Marketing Management (3 + 0)
Prerequisites: 12 completed credit hours of marketing courses plus senior standing

This is the culminating final course required of all marketing minor students (and a marketing elective for marketing majors). In this final course, the student will develop and apply marketing strategies and policies in solution to problems related to the consumer and the business environment.

MKT 4560-3 Marketing Strategy (3 + 0)
Prerequisites: MKT 3010, MKT 3310, and senior standing

This culminating course for all marketing majors emphasizes the case approach to the study of marketing problems. Problem areas to be studied include market and profitability analysis, marketing planning, strategy, and control.


These courses are not listed in the University Catalog; however, they count as Marketing Electives and are being tested for student interest.

MKT 390W Social Selling (3 + 0)
Prerequisites: MKT 3250



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